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Junior National Aquatic Championship 2002

By name    By Age Group

List of participants, by name
Select a participant to see his or her results
Participant Name
Club Name
1 A Raja Tamil Nadu Points
2 A Arun Prasad Tamil Nadu Points
3 A Raju Kumar Bihar Points
4 A.MD Raffi Tamil Nadu Points
5 Aalap Gandhi Gujarat Points
6 Abeksha .N. Doshi Tamil Nadu Points
7 Abhigya Kushwaha Delhi Points
8 Abhijeet Nag Chhattisgarh Points
9 Abhimanyu Nikam Maharashtra Points
10 Abhimanyu Tewari Punjab Points
11 Abhimanyu Vaidya Madhya Pradesh Points
12 Abhiram N.S Karnataka Points
13 Abhishek . Delhi Points
14 Abhishek Misra Uttaranchal Points
15 Abhishek Soman Goa Points
16 Abhishek V Karnataka Points
17 Adesh Chengede Maharashtra Points
18 Adesh Mandke Maharashtra Points
19 Aditi Law National Swimming Association Points
20 Aditi Tomer Andhra Pradesh Points
21 Aditya Bandodkar Goa Points
22 Aditya Mahakhud Orissa Points
23 Ajay Kashyap Chhattisgarh Points
24 Ajay Tokas Delhi Points
25 Akash Saxena Madhya Pradesh Points
26 Akshay Samant Goa Points
27 Amanjot Kaur Punjab Points
28 Amar Muralidharan Maharashtra Points
29 Amarjit Choudary Bihar Points
30 Ambarish C Tamil Nadu Points
31 Ambica N S Iyengar Karnataka Points
32 Amendra Jamatia Tripura Points
33 Amina Sait Tamil Nadu Points
34 Amrapali Dasgupta Bengal Points
35 Amrita Das Bengal Points
36 Anagha Walimbe Maharashtra Points
37 Anand Kashyap Uttar Pradesh Points
38 Aniketh D Karnataka Points
39 Anisha Chakravarty Assam Points
40 Anju George Kerala Points
41 Ankana Sil Bengal Points
42 Ankita . Punjab Points
43 Ankur Jain Delhi Points
44 Ankur Kanojia Karnataka Points
45 Ankur Rane Maharashtra Points
46 Ankush Sharma Delhi Points
47 Annie Jose Goa Points
48 Anubhav Misra Uttaranchal Points
49 Anuradha Tempe Delhi Points
50 Anurag Moitra Bihar Points
51 Anushka Parwani Maharashtra Points
52 Anushka . Parwani Maharashtra Points
53 Anushka .. Parwani Maharashtra Points
54 Aparajita Pramanik Bengal Points
55 Aparna A Karnataka Points
56 Apurva Prasar Bihar Points
57 Apurwa Parasar Bihar Points
58 Ararinda Barma Tripura Points
59 Archana Bhushan Karnataka Points
60 Arindam Gogoi Assam Points
61 Arjun Murlidharan Maharashtra Points
62 Ashish Joshi Madhya Pradesh Points
63 Ashish Kulkarni Karnataka Points
64 Ashok Singh Manipur Points
65 Ashwin Kumar B.H Karnataka Points
66 Asif Anwar Karnataka Points
67 Aswin Minz S.S.C.B Points
68 Avani Sawanth Maharashtra Points
69 Avani Shah Maharashtra Points
70 Avijit Sinha Gujarat Points
71 Avijit . Sinha Gujarat Points
72 Aviroop Dutta Majumdar Bengal Points
73 B Indhuja Tamil Nadu Points
74 B Nikhila Tamil Nadu Points
75 B Shibu Kerala Points
76 B. Praveena Kerala Points
77 B.Vinod Kumar Tamil Nadu Points
78 Bharat Kumawat Rajasthan Points
79 Bharat Sharma Rajasthan Points
80 Bhaskar Yadav Uttar Pradesh Points
81 Bipin C Karnataka Points
82 Bishwanath Gurda Bihar Points
83 Brisha . Punjab Points
84 C Abhilash Kerala Points
85 C Ambarish Tamil Nadu Points
86 C Bhavani Tamil Nadu Points
87 C M Preeti Andhra Pradesh Points
88 C M Raj Kumar Andhra Pradesh Points
89 C. Sheeba Kerala Points
90 C.S Sarath Kerala Points
91 Ch.Ojendro Singh Manipur Points
92 Chandan Sarkar Bengal Points
93 Chandana Bhargava Madhya Pradesh Points
94 Chandana . Bhargava Madhya Pradesh Points
95 Chander Kamal Punjab Points
96 Chandini K Karnataka Points
97 Chavi Asrani Delhi Points
98 Chetan Ram.B Karnataka Points
99 Chetan Sharma Karnataka Points
100 Christina T Rajasthan Points
101 D N K Sumanthi Andhra Pradesh Points
102 Dakshveer Singh Punjab Points
103 Dalvir Singh Punjab Points
104 Debajit Bhil Tripura Points
105 Debajit Bora Assam Points
106 Deep Kiran Punjab Points
107 Deepika Dewani Madhya Pradesh Points
108 Deepthi Venkatesh Maharashtra Points
109 Deepti Kanwar Punjab Points
110 Deexa Awasthi Uttar Pradesh Points
111 Depika Thakur Madhya Pradesh Points
112 Dheeraj Kumar Chopra Punjab Points
113 Dhruv Rawat Maharashtra Points
114 Dhwani Bhadoria Madhya Pradesh Points
115 Dibolina Rajak Bengal Points
116 Diksha Chellarmani Delhi Points
117 Dilip David Thiyagarajan Tamil Nadu Points
118 Dinesh . Haryana Points
119 Diptrimoy Pradhan Orissa Points
120 Disha Sethi Delhi Points
121 Diya Parthasarty Delhi Points
122 Esha Chakraborty Bengal Points
123 Farhad Ankal Saria Bengal Points
124 Farheen Yasin Maharashtra Points
125 G Hari Priya Tamil Nadu Points
126 G Janani Tamil Nadu Points
127 G Saravanan Tamil Nadu Points
128 G. Saravanan Tamil Nadu Points
129 G.R Shyma Kerala Points
130 Gagan Matta Punjab Points
131 Gagandeep Singh Punjab Points
132 Gairik Bardhan Bengal Points
133 Ganesh Kumar Uttar Pradesh Points
134 Gaurav Dhange Maharashtra Points
135 Gaurav Palshikar Maharashtra Points
136 Gautam Gopal Uttar Pradesh Points
137 Gayatri Dhumatkar Maharashtra Points
138 Gopal Krishna Nayak Orissa Points
139 Gouranga Mondal Bengal Points
140 Gurinder Pal Punjab Points
141 Gurnoor Kang Punjab Points
142 Gurpreet Kaur Punjab Points
143 Gurpreet Singh Punjab Points
144 Gursi man Delhi Points
145 H,Jaya Kumar Tamil Nadu Points
146 Hanock Nischal Karnataka Points
147 Harbans Singh Punjab Points
148 Harendra Yadav S.S.C.B Points
149 Harish Kumavat Rajasthan Points
150 Harmanjit . Haryana Points
151 Harpreet Bhullar Punjab Points
152 Harshitha B.H. Karnataka Points
153 Harshitha Kishore Karnataka Points
154 Harsimran Singh Punjab Points
155 Heena Grewal Haryana Points
156 Himanshu Jain Rajasthan Points
157 Hitender Tokas Delhi Points
158 Indrajit Bhowmik Bengal Points
159 Indrayani Rokade Maharashtra Points
160 Intaj Hossain Tripura Points
161 Iqbaljit Singh Punjab Points
162 Isha Sood Punjab Points
163 Isha Soud Punjab Points
164 J Gopi Tamil Nadu Points
165 J Gurumurthy Tamil Nadu Points
166 Jagmohan Batham Madhya Pradesh Points
167 Jai Joshi Madhya Pradesh Points
168 Jasdeep Singh Punjab Points
169 Jashan Jot Punjab Points
170 Jasnoor Singh Punjab Points
171 Jay Shah Maharashtra Points
172 Jayesh Gaad Goa Points
173 Jeewant Rampal Delhi Points
174 Jitender Tokas Delhi Points
175 Jitendra Kumar Bihar Points
176 Jitin Mohan Kerala Points
177 Jonti Saikia Assam Points
178 Juie Shetye Maharashtra Points
179 Juilee Patwardhan Maharashtra Points
180 Juliee Patwardhan Maharashtra Points
181 Junaid Khan Maharashtra Points
182 Jyotrimoy Pradhan Orissa Points
183 Jyotsna Nayak National Swimming Association Points
184 K Anandi Tamil Nadu Points
185 K Anuradha Andhra Pradesh Points
186 K Kranthi Andhra Pradesh Points
187 K V Swathi Andhra Pradesh Points
188 K.C Kaveesh Tamil Nadu Points
189 K.R Aneesha Kerala Points
190 K.R Asha Kerala Points
191 K.S Soumya Kerala Points
192 Ka. Anjali Roy Chhattisgarh Points
193 Ka.Laxmi Jaiswal Chhattisgarh Points
194 Kamalpreet Kaur Punjab Points
195 Kanal Shah Gujarat Points
196 Kanwar Walia Delhi Points
197 Kanwar Inder Singh Punjab Points
198 Kapil Nalang Maharashtra Points
199 Karam Nistha Sarin Assam Points
200 Karam Nistha . Sarin Uttaranchal Points
201 Karan Kamat Maharashtra Points
202 Karan Kapadia Gujarat Points
203 Karanveer Singh Punjab Points
204 Karnataka (F Tamil Nadu Points
205 Kartikeya Hooda Delhi Points
206 Kavya Shenoy Karnataka Points
207 Kh.Jekel Singh Manipur Points
208 Kiran Tokas Delhi Points
209 Komal Athare Maharashtra Points
210 Koustav Chakraborty Bengal Points
211 Krishna Desai Gujarat Points
212 Krishna N.A Karnataka Points
213 Krithika Baskar Tamil Nadu Points
214 Kritika Pande Gujarat Points
215 Kshitij Belapure Maharashtra Points
216 Kunwar Walia Delhi Points
217 Lalmani Dubey Bihar Points
218 Lisa Mahanta Assam Points
219 Loknath Char Maharashtra Points
220 M Mahimaidas Tamil Nadu Points
221 M Murugan Tamil Nadu Points
222 M Ramesh Kerala Points
223 M Sindhu Andhra Pradesh Points
224 M Santosh Chary Andhra Pradesh Points
225 M Tulasi Chaitanya Andhra Pradesh Points
226 M Vinesh Chary Andhra Pradesh Points
227 M. Manusha Kerala Points
228 M. Mini Kerala Points
229 Madhu Kumar Karnataka Points
230 Madhura Patil Maharashtra Points
231 Madhurika Ghatge Karnataka Points
232 Mahima Garg Delhi Points
233 Mala Kaur Andhra Pradesh Points
234 Manab Gogoi Assam Points
235 Manali Lilani Maharashtra Points
236 Manasi Shelke Maharashtra Points
237 Mandar Divse Maharashtra Points
238 Mandar . Divse Maharashtra Points
239 Manjunath N Karnataka Points
240 Manraj Singh Punjab Points
241 Maulik Gajjar Gujarat Points
242 Mayank Diwan Karnataka Points
243 Meenakshi Basu National Swimming Association Points
244 Meenakshi Tokas Delhi Points
245 Mehak Bhamri Delhi Points
246 Mehtaz Zaman Ahmed Assam Points
247 Menak Patel Gujarat Points
248 Merwyn Chen Delhi Points
249 Mihir Desai Gujarat Points
250 Minita Shah Maharashtra Points
251 Mirande Shah Gujarat Points
252 Mirdumai Bhatia Punjab Points
253 Mohini Datta Delhi Points
254 Mohit Sharma Punjab Points
255 Mohit Verma Delhi Points
256 Momi Barman Assam Points
257 Monika Mondal Bengal Points
258 Mridul Sunil Punjab Points
259 Mridula Rajiv Tamil Nadu Points
260 Mridumai Bhatia Punjab Points
261 Mrudula D Karnataka Points
262 N Manmohan Yadav Andhra Pradesh Points
263 N.Priyojit Singh Manipur Points
264 Nand Lal Uttar Pradesh Points
265 Nandini Murthy Karnataka Points
266 Nanditha Sujir Karnataka Points
267 Narbans Singh Punjab Points
268 Narendra Yadav S.S.C.B Points
269 Narvinder Singh Punjab Points
270 Navira Shetty Karnataka Points
271 Navpreet Sidhu Punjab Points
272 Neelesh Mandavi Chhattisgarh Points
273 Niharika Sharma Madhya Pradesh Points
274 Nikhila C Karnataka Points
275 Nirmal Hossain Tripura Points
276 Nirosa Mohan Maharashtra Points
277 Nisha Mohite Karnataka Points
278 Nishant . Delhi Points
279 Nitin Verma Delhi Points
280 P Bineesh Kerala Points
281 P kailash Rao Andhra Pradesh Points
282 P. Binish Kerala Points
283 Parikshit Shetty Maharashtra Points
284 Parveen Kumar Haryana Points
285 Pavneet Singh Punjab Points
286 Piyali Ray Chhattisgarh Points
287 Pokar Mal Rajasthan Points
288 Pokar . Mal Rajasthan Points
289 Pooja Bhadoria Madhya Pradesh Points
290 Pooja Ghorpade Maharashtra Points
291 Poshika Singh Delhi Points
292 Prabhat Kumar Misra Uttaranchal Points
293 Praditha P Karnataka Points
294 Prahir Jamatia Tripura Points
295 Pratibha Jogalekar Maharashtra Points
296 Preethi G Karnataka Points
297 Priya Prasad Delhi Points
298 Priyanka L Karnataka Points
299 Priyanka Saigal Maharashtra Points
300 Puja Nayar Maharashtra Points
301 Puja . Nayar Maharashtra Points
302 Pulah Shah Gujarat Points
303 Purshottam . Chhattisgarh Points
304 Pushpa Banik Bengal Points
305 R Karthikeyan Tamil Nadu Points
306 R Mahalakshmi Tamil Nadu Points
307 R Santosh Kumar Tamil Nadu Points
308 R Sarvesh Tamil Nadu Points
309 Raashi Kapoor Delhi Points
310 Radha . Punjab Points
311 Radhika Arora Delhi Points
312 Radhika Katyal Rajasthan Points
313 Raghavrai Verma Delhi Points
314 Rahul Batra Karnataka Points
315 Rahul Misra Uttar Pradesh Points
316 Rahul . G. Nigli Tamil Nadu Points
317 Raj Kumar Bihar Points
318 Rajib Bora Assam Points
319 Rajib Chakraborty Bengal Points
320 Rajiv Kumar Gurda Bihar Points
321 Rajni Tokas Delhi Points
322 Raju Pradhan Orissa Points
323 Rajvinder Singh Punjab Points
324 Ram Phal Haryana Points
325 Ram Villas Uttar Pradesh Points
326 Ramesh Kumar S.S.C.B Points
327 Randeep Kahar Madhya Pradesh Points
328 Rashmi Sharma Bengal Points
329 Ravi Kumar Bihar Points
330 Ravi Rajoria Rajasthan Points
331 Ravi Ranjan Bihar Points
332 Ravinder Kumar Punjab Points
333 Ravneet Singh Punjab Points
334 Rehan Poncha Karnataka Points
335 Rima Ms Uttar Pradesh Points
336 Rishab Batra Delhi Points
337 Rishu Mehra Delhi Points
338 Riti Parmar Punjab Points
339 Ritika Reddy Tamil Nadu Points
340 Ritu Sejwal Delhi Points
341 Robin Tuli Punjab Points
342 Rohan Sylvester Tamil Nadu Points
343 Rohit Barve Maharashtra Points
344 Rohit Gawande Maharashtra Points
345 Rohit Kumar Delhi Points
346 Ruksheen Palia Maharashtra Points
347 Ryan Mohammed Assam Points
348 S Arunkumar Kerala Points
349 S Beena Kerala Points
350 S Pavithra Tamil Nadu Points
351 S Priyanka Tamil Nadu Points
352 S Sumesh Kerala Points
353 S Syam Kumar Andhra Pradesh Points
354 S.S.C.B (M) S.S.C.B Points
355 Saba Sait Tamil Nadu Points
356 Sabir Ali Assam Points
357 Sachin Batham Madhya Pradesh Points
358 Sachin Bengre Karnataka Points
359 Sadhana Dey Bengal Points
360 Sagar Sethi Punjab Points
361 Sahil Dua Rajasthan Points
362 Sajan Batham Madhya Pradesh Points
363 Sajani Patel Gujarat Points
364 Sameer Sareen Delhi Points
365 Samir Das Bengal Points
366 Sampada S Karnataka Points
367 Sandeep Dhir Punjab Points
368 Sandeep Singh Punjab Points
369 Sandip Das Bengal Points
370 Sanjeet Singh Punjab Points
371 Sanjeev Kumar Singh S.S.C.B Points
372 Santosh L Manipur Points
373 Santosh Pal Uttar Pradesh Points
374 Sarada .P. Lenka S.S.C.B Points
375 Satnam Singh Punjab Points
376 Satya Prakash Yadav S.S.C.B Points
377 Saurabh Khande Delhi Points
378 Savan Patel Gujarat Points
379 Shanker Pandey Uttar Pradesh Points
380 Shantanu Pramanik S.S.C.B Points
381 Sharan Kumar Shetty Andhra Pradesh Points
382 Sharanya Viswamani Tamil Nadu Points
383 Shekhar Tokas Delhi Points
384 Shikha Tandon Karnataka Points
385 Shilpa Narang Punjab Points
386 Shilpi Gupta Chhattisgarh Points
387 Shilpi . Gupta Chhattisgarh Points
388 Shivananda Singh I Manipur Points
389 Shivanandu Sena Uttaranchal Points
390 Shobith Tandon Karnataka Points
391 Shruthy .K. Mukundan Tamil Nadu Points
392 Shruti Arunkumar Tamil Nadu Points
393 Shruti Chatrath Delhi Points
394 Shruti Gupta Delhi Points
395 Shruti Reddy Maharashtra Points
396 Siddarth M.N Karnataka Points
397 Siddharth Garg Maharashtra Points
398 Siddharth Saini Maharashtra Points
399 Siddharth . Garg Maharashtra Points
400 Simlle Rath Uttaranchal Points
401 Sivaranjani . Karnataka Points
402 Smiti Garhotra Uttar Pradesh Points
403 Sneha Shampur Karnataka Points
404 Sojo Joseph Andhra Pradesh Points
405 Somalina Roy Bengal Points
406 Somender Tokas Delhi Points
407 Someshwar Aditya Chhattisgarh Points
408 Sonam Barve Maharashtra Points
409 Sonam Lama Maharashtra Points
410 Soniya Rathod Maharashtra Points
411 Sony Cyriac Kerala Points
412 Souvik Das Bengal Points
413 Srinand S Karnataka Points
414 Subrat Sahu Orissa Points
415 Sudhir Tokas Delhi Points
416 Sujani T M Tamil Nadu Points
417 Sukh Mandeep Punjab Points
418 Sukhbir Singh Punjab Points
419 Sukhman Ghuman Punjab Points
420 Sukhmandeep . Punjab Points
421 Suman Dutta Bengal Points
422 Sunil Pal Singh Punjab Points
423 Supriya R.H. Karnataka Points
424 Surabhi . Haryana Points
425 Suraj Sareen Delhi Points
426 Suraj . Sareen Delhi Points
427 Surinderpal Singh Punjab Points
428 Susamya Maity Bengal Points
429 Sushil Lakra Orissa Points
430 Swathi Shukla Karnataka Points
431 Sweena Sethi Delhi Points
432 Swetha L Karnataka Points
433 T D Ujwala Andhra Pradesh Points
434 T V S B Naidu Andhra Pradesh Points
435 T. Baiju Kerala Points
436 T.K Vimal Kerala Points
437 T.M. Sujani Tamil Nadu Points
438 T.R. Lekha Tamil Nadu Points
439 T.Tomthin Meetei Manipur Points
440 Tamal Majoomdar Bengal Points
441 Tamalika Sarkar Bengal Points
442 Tamil Vanan Tamil Nadu Points
443 Tanmoy Mundal National Swimming Association Points
444 Tarun Kumar Haryana Points
445 Taskeen Sharda Punjab Points
446 Tejas Talak Goa Points
447 Tejashree Ganpathye Maharashtra Points
448 Tejeshwari Nandan Bihar Points
449 Tejkaran Singh Punjab Points
450 Trisanu Dey Kumar Bengal Points
451 Trisanudey Kirti Bengal Points
452 Uday Pandey Delhi Points
453 Umapada Naskar Bengal Points
454 Usha L Karnataka Points
455 Usha Sisodia Madhya Pradesh Points
456 V Arun Tamil Nadu Points
457 V Bala Tamil Nadu Points
458 V Prasanth Kerala Points
459 V Anup Kumar Andhra Pradesh Points
460 V Divya Reddy Andhra Pradesh Points
461 V.K Jins Kerala Points
462 Varun Digvikar Maharashtra Points
463 Varun Gupta Madhya Pradesh Points
464 Varun Madhulkar Madhya Pradesh Points
465 Varun Sethi Delhi Points
466 Varun Sharma Punjab Points
467 Varun V Karnataka Points
468 Varun . Digvikar Maharashtra Points
469 Vatan Kumar Delhi Points
470 Veena S Karnataka Points
471 Veerawali . Delhi Points
472 Vibha Babbar Punjab Points
473 Vijendu Kumar Madhya Pradesh Points
474 Vikas Bisla Haryana Points
475 Vikas Mann Delhi Points
476 Vishnu Pandey Uttar Pradesh Points
477 W.Sanjoy Singh Manipur Points
478 Y Bhargavi Andhra Pradesh Points
479 Y Dhani Babu Andhra Pradesh Points
480 Zubin.M Nigli Tamil Nadu Points
1 Andhra Pradesh (F) Andhra Pradesh Points
2 Andhra Pradesh (F)-2 Andhra Pradesh Points
3 Andhra Pradesh (M) Andhra Pradesh Points
4 Andhra Pradesh (M)-2 Andhra Pradesh Points
5 Assam Swimming Association (F) Assam Points
6 Assam Swimming Association (M) Assam Points
7 Assam Swimming Association (M) - 2 Assam Points
8 Bengal (F) Bengal Points
9 Bengal F-2 Bengal Points
10 Bengal m-2 Bengal Points
11 Bengal Team (M) Bengal Points
12 Bihar Swimming Association (F) Bihar Points
13 Bihar Swimming Association (M) Bihar Points
14 Delhi (F) Delhi Points
15 Delhi (M) Delhi Points
16 Delhi f-2 Delhi Points
17 Delhi m-2 Delhi Points
18 Goa (F) - 2 Goa Points
19 Goa (M) - 2 Goa Points
20 Goa Swimming Association (F) Goa Points
21 Goa Swimming Association (M) Goa Points
22 Gujarat (F) - 1 Gujarat Points
23 Gujarat (F) - 2 Gujarat Points
24 Gujarat (M) - 1 Gujarat Points
25 Gujarat (M) - 2 Gujarat Points
26 Haryana Swimming Association (F) Haryana Points
27 Haryana Swimming Association (M) Haryana Points
28 Karnataka (F) - 2 Karnataka Points
29 Karnataka Swimming Association (F) Karnataka Points
30 Karnataka Swimming Association (M) Karnataka Points
31 Karnataka Swimming Association M-2 Karnataka Points
32 Kerala (F) 1 Kerala Points
33 Kerala (F)-2 Kerala Points
34 Kerala (M) 2 Kerala Points
35 Kerala (M) I Kerala Points
36 Madhya Pradesh (F) Madhya Pradesh Points
37 Madhya Pradesh (M) Madhya Pradesh Points
38 Maharashtra State M-2 Maharashtra Points
39 Maharashtra State Amateur Aquatic Association (F) Maharashtra Points
40 Maharashtra State Amateur Aquatic Association (M)-1 Maharashtra Points
41 Maharastra State F-2 Maharashtra Points
42 Manipur (F) Manipur Points
43 Manipur (M) Manipur Points
44 National Swimming Association (F) National Swimming Association Points
45 National Swimming Association (M) National Swimming Association Points
46 Orissa (F) Orissa Points
47 Orissa (M) Orissa Points
48 Orissa M-2 Orissa Points
49 Punjab Swimming Association (F)-1 Punjab Points
50 Punjab Swimming Association (M) - 1 Punjab Points
51 Punjab Swimming Association f-2 Punjab Points
52 Punjab Swimming Association M-2 Punjab Points
53 Rajasthan (F) Rajasthan Points
54 Rajasthan (M) Rajasthan Points
55 S.S.C.B (F) S.S.C.B Points
56 S.S.C.B (M) - 2 S.S.C.B Points
57 Tamil Nadu (F) Tamil Nadu Points
58 Tamil Nadu (M) Tamil Nadu Points
59 Tamil Nadu (M)-2 Tamil Nadu Points
60 Tamilnadu (F) - 2 Tamil Nadu Points
61 Tripura (F) Tripura Points
62 Tripura (M) Tripura Points
63 U.P. Swimming Association (F)-2 Uttar Pradesh Points
64 U.P. Swimming Association (M) Uttar Pradesh Points
65 U.P. Swimming Association (M)-2 Uttar Pradesh Points
66 Uttaranchal Swimming Association (F) Uttaranchal Points
67 Uttaranchal Swimming Association (M) Uttaranchal Points