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Coverage of Aquatic Sports by swimgala.com

The coverage of aquatic meets by swimgala.com is detailed and extensive.
There are dozens of reports and analyses which are useful to participants,
coaches, associations, organizers or sports fans.

Printable version
Each report has a printable version (which uses less printer ink).

Email of reports
The contents of each report may be sent with a comment by email to a
designated email address.

In the following, unit implies a group of participants (such as club, state,
district, school) participating in the meets.

The depth of coverage for the different aquatic sports is described below.

Swimgala.com manages swimming events from start to finish. This includes:

Before the meet

Announcement of meet
- Rules, Age Groups, and events

Entry forms
- Download of entry forms from the web site

Event schedules
- These are organized by date, age group, and form number

Event entries
The information
The list of participating units
The list of participants
Entries received from each unit
Entries received from each participant
Entries received for each event
Number of participants from each unit.

Book entries, seeding and lane allocation
The organizers just need to give the entry forms from each unit, and swimgala.com
will create:
Book entries for events
Automatic seeding for each event (the organizers have to provide the race time for each participant)
Lane allocation
Printing of day's program
Printing of result sheets to be filled by timekeepers/recorders

On the day of the meet

Swimgala.com will manage
Entry of results
Calculation of medal tallies for each unit. These are organized by gender
and age group of participants.
Calculation of medal tallies for each participant
Point tallies for each participant
Point tallies for each unit. These are organized by age group and gender of
Comparison of medal tallies of participants and units.

The event results will be shown in many ways:
for each unit, by rank, participant, and event
for each event, timings of every participant for all heats and finals
(depends on the information provided by the organizers)
Summary of final results
Specific results. Users may choose the age group, type of stroke, and the number
of positions and get results accordingly.

Time difference between succeeding positions in an event

Meet records
New meet records
Previous meet records

For every event, totals for every dive of every participant
For each participant, details of every dive for all events. The details consist
of description of dive, degree of difficulty, total dive points.
New records
Previous records
Number of participants from each unit
Entries received from each unit
Medal tally comparison for participants and units

Water polo
Scores for every match
Goals scored by participants for all matches

Open Water Swimming
For each event, the performances of participants organized by year, name, and timing
Individual performances of each participant