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Participant Name
Club Name
1 Aahan Kharwa Vibgyor High Points
2 Aanchal Yadav Ozone Swimming Pool Points
3 Aanika Bhatia Goregaon Sports Club Points
4 Aanya Wala Otters Club Points
5 Aarnav Goel Khar Gymkhana Points
6 Aarti Patil Police Swimming Pool Points
7 Aarush Arekar Vibgyor High Points
8 Aarushi Sharma Goregaon Sports Club Points
9 Aarya Bhatia Goregaon Sports Club Points
10 Aditi Haryan Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
11 Aditya Sangle Police Swimming Pool Points
12 Aditya Shah Goregaon Sports Club Points
13 Aditya Shete Andheri Swimming Pool Points
14 Advik Desai Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
15 Akanksha Shah Khar Gymkhana Points
16 Akshay Kamath Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
17 Alefiya Dhansura Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
18 Alisha Choudhary Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
19 Amogh Gawde Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
20 Anam Nensey Khar Gymkhana Points
21 Anand Pimpale Ozone Swimming Pool Points
22 Anannya Nayak Ozone Swimming Pool Points
23 Ananya Nadar Forest Club Points
24 Angath Sadanah Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
25 Anoushka Fernandes Bombay YMCA Points
26 Anushka Desai Ozone Swimming Pool Points
27 Anushka Singh Ozone Swimming Pool Points
28 Archit Morvekar Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
29 Ariaa Sheth Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
30 Arsh Sayed Bombay YMCA Points
31 Arya Chavan Bombay YMCA Points
32 Ashwin Jaiswar Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
33 Avanthika Kunnath Andheri Swimming Pool Points
34 Avishka Parikh Celebration Sports Club Points
35 Ayaan Nagarkatti Khar Gymkhana Points
36 Bilal Sayed Bombay YMCA Points
37 Charvi Kale Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
38 Chris Fernandes Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
39 Daman Shah Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
40 Deeva Jadwani Khar Gymkhana Points
41 Dev Ambokar Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
42 Dev Thakker Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
43 Dhairya Bhuta Matunga Gymkhana Points
44 Dhruti Shroff Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
45 Dia Daryanani Forest Club Points
46 Dimple Rao Andheri Swimming Pool Points
47 Diva Punjabi Khar Gymkhana Points
48 Esther Sinha Matunga Gymkhana Points
49 Ethan Sequeira Ozone Swimming Pool Points
50 Fateh Singh Chahal Goregaon Sports Club Points
51 Ganesh Ghadge Police Swimming Pool Points
52 Gaurav Sawant Shree Murbalidevi Swimming Pool Points
53 Girish Chugani Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
54 Hetavi Shah Ozone Swimming Pool Points
55 Hrishikesh Bhoir Police Swimming Pool Points
56 Hrishikesh Karmalkar Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
57 Husain Dohadwala Bombay YMCA Points
58 Huzaifa Poonawala Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
59 Iqra Shaikh Bombay YMCA Points
60 Ishan Kelkar Shree Murbalidevi Swimming Pool Points
61 Jaiveer Motwani Khar Gymkhana Points
62 Jhanvi Walve Andheri Swimming Pool Points
63 Jishnu Kundu Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
64 Jyoti Patil Police Swimming Pool Points
65 Kedar Matkar IIT Powai Points
66 Kiara Ashar Matunga Gymkhana Points
67 Krish Shah Matunga Gymkhana Points
68 Laksh Parulekar Ozone Swimming Pool Points
69 Mahima Bhatkhande Mulund Swimming Pool Points
70 Manav Gupta Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
71 Meet Makhija Khar Gymkhana Points
72 Meher Bath Vibgyor High Points
73 Mihika Kolambekar Police Swimming Pool Points
74 Mitansh Surve Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
75 Mustafa Shaikh Celebration Sports Club Points
76 Myra Jadwani Khar Gymkhana Points
77 Namana Desai Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
78 Namit Maheshwari Goregaon Sports Club Points
79 Natanya George Khar Gymkhana Points
80 Naval Makwana Bombay YMCA Points
81 Navya Mahendru Khar Gymkhana Points
82 Neel Jetley Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
83 Neem Shukla Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
84 Neha Chavan Bombay YMCA Points
85 Neil Hannur Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
86 Nihanshu Hiroji Ozone Swimming Pool Points
87 Nirav Heliya Bombay YMCA Points
88 Nishita Pandya Goregaon Sports Club Points
89 Nishka Mehta Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
90 Nivedita Shah Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
91 Noopur Mistri Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
92 Om Kanse Police Swimming Pool Points
93 Om Nalawade Police Swimming Pool Points
94 Om Raut Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
95 Om Satam Police Swimming Pool Points
96 Palak Joshi Khar Gymkhana Points
97 Pari Kochhar Vibgyor High Points
98 Parth Hendre Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
99 Parth Jain Police Swimming Pool Points
100 Priyansh Jain Khar Gymkhana Points
101 Priyanshu Worlikar Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
102 Pujita Mohta Goregaon Sports Club Points
103 Rabiya Darvesh Bombay YMCA Points
104 Raghav Jetley Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
105 Rahul Rane Ozone Swimming Pool Points
106 Ranveer Patel Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
107 Renaa Jain Khar Gymkhana Points
108 Reyan Gada Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
109 Reyansh Sharma Mulund Swimming Pool Points
110 Rishabh Gajwani Khar Gymkhana Points
111 Rohit Mahadik Bombay YMCA Points
112 Ronak Sawant Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
113 Roshan Vimal Goregaon Sports Club Points
114 Ruarc DSouza Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
115 Ruchika Shetty Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
116 Rudra Sakpal Police Swimming Pool Points
117 Saarah Dhansura Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
118 Safiya Shamsi Khar Gymkhana Points
119 Samaira Mehrotra Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
120 Samarjeet Rankhambh Khar Gymkhana Points
121 Samarth Shinde Mulund Swimming Pool Points
122 Sanaya Shetty Khar Gymkhana Points
123 Sanika Navare Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
124 Sanjiti Saha Khar Gymkhana Points
125 Sara Kelkar Shree Murbalidevi Swimming Pool Points
126 Sarvesh Bagkar Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
127 Shardul Mhatre Police Swimming Pool Points
128 Sharvi Sawant Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
129 Sharvil Kulkarni Goregaon Sports Club Points
130 Shaurya Butani Khar Gymkhana Points
131 Shaurya Lalwani Celebration Sports Club Points
132 Shifa Nensey Khar Gymkhana Points
133 Shivansh Davar Matunga Gymkhana Points
134 Shlok Khati Mulund Swimming Pool Points
135 Shravani Patil Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
136 Shray Bhalla Celebration Sports Club Points
137 Shreyank Parab Police Swimming Pool Points
138 Shreyas Temkar Mulund Swimming Pool Points
139 Shwet Poojary Mulund Swimming Pool Points
140 Siya Devrukhkar Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
141 Snehal Bhal Goregaon Sports Club Points
142 Soham Athalye Goregaon Sports Club Points
143 Soham Chopdekar Goregaon Sports Club Points
144 Suhani Baksi Otters Club Points
145 Sumer Mehrotra Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
146 Sushrut Kapse Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
147 Svechha Jain Goregaon Sports Club Points
148 Swayam Shivgan Bombay YMCA Points
149 Sweta Jaiswar Maharashta Labour Welfare Board Points
150 Tanish Sawant Mulund Swimming Pool Points
151 Tejaswin Date Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
152 Tejoshnanda Chilakalapudi Goregaon Sports Club Points
153 Theon Langrana Matunga Gymkhana Points
154 Tiara Singh Goregaon Sports Club Points
155 Tyra Dalal Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
156 Utkarsh Hadge Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Points
157 Varad Pawar Police Swimming Pool Points
158 Vihaan Patel Vibgyor High Points
159 Viivaan Thakur Khar Gymkhana Points
160 Vikrant Satam Shree Murbalidevi Swimming Pool Points
161 Vinay Shah Ozone Swimming Pool Points
162 Viraj Kharude Mulund Swimming Pool Points
163 Vivaan Karamchandani Khar Gymkhana Points
164 Vivaan Sethi Goregaon Sports Club Points
165 Yash Sharma Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
166 Yash Velkar Mulund Swimming Pool Points
167 Yashaan Mogal Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
168 Yugandhara Sawant Shree Murbalidevi Swimming Pool Points
169 Yuvraj Somani Bombay Gymkhana Points
170 Zia Darvesh Bombay YMCA Points