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Junior National Aquatic Championship 2002


Club : Tamil Nadu

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 A Raja Group-II
2 A Arun Prasad Group-I
3 A.MD Raffi Group-II
4 Abeksha .N. Doshi Group-I
5 Ambarish C Group-II
6 Amina Sait Group-I
7 B Indhuja Group-II
8 B Nikhila Group-II
9 B.Vinod Kumar Group-II
10 C Ambarish Group-II
11 C Bhavani Group-I
12 Dilip David Thiyagarajan Group-I
13 G Hari Priya Group-II
14 G Janani Group-I
15 G Saravanan Group-II
16 G. Saravanan Group-II
17 H,Jaya Kumar Group-II
18 J Gopi Group-I
19 J Gurumurthy Group-I
20 K Anandi Group-I
21 K.C Kaveesh Group-II
22 Karnataka (F
23 Krithika Baskar Group-II
24 M Mahimaidas Group-I
25 M Murugan Group-I
26 Mridula Rajiv Group-II
27 R Karthikeyan Group-I
28 R Mahalakshmi Group-II
29 R Santosh Kumar Group-I
30 R Sarvesh Group-II
31 Rahul . G. Nigli Group-I
32 Ritika Reddy Group-II
33 Rohan Sylvester Group-I
34 S Pavithra Group-II
35 S Priyanka Group-I
36 Saba Sait Group-I
37 Sharanya Viswamani Group-II
38 Shruthy .K. Mukundan Group-I
39 Shruti Arunkumar Group-I
40 Sujani T M Group-II
41 T.M. Sujani Group-II
42 T.R. Lekha Group-II
43 Tamil Vanan Group-II
44 V Arun Group-I
45 V Bala Group-I
46 Zubin.M Nigli Group-II