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Junior National Aquatic Championship 2002


Club : Karnataka

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 Abhiram N.S Group-II
2 Abhishek V Group-II
3 Ambica N S Iyengar Group-I
4 Aniketh D Group-II
5 Ankur Kanojia Group-I
6 Aparna A Group-II
7 Archana Bhushan Group-I
8 Ashish Kulkarni Group-I
9 Ashwin Kumar B.H Group-I
10 Asif Anwar Group-II
11 Bipin C Group-II
12 Chandini K Group-II
13 Chetan Ram.B Group-II
14 Chetan Sharma Group-II
15 Hanock Nischal Group-I
16 Harshitha B.H. Group-II
17 Harshitha Kishore Group-II
18 Kavya Shenoy Group-II
19 Krishna N.A Group-I
20 Madhu Kumar Group-I
21 Madhurika Ghatge Group-I
22 Manjunath N Group-II
23 Mayank Diwan Group-II
24 Mrudula D Group-II
25 Nandini Murthy Group-II
26 Nanditha Sujir Group-I
27 Navira Shetty Group-II
28 Nikhila C Group-II
29 Nisha Mohite Group-I
30 Praditha P Group-II
31 Preethi G Group-II
32 Priyanka L Group-II
33 Rahul Batra Group-I
34 Rehan Poncha Group-I
35 Sachin Bengre Group-I
36 Sampada S Group-II
37 Shikha Tandon Group-I
38 Shobith Tandon Group-II
39 Siddarth M.N Group-II
40 Sivaranjani . Group-II
41 Sneha Shampur Group-I
42 Srinand S Group-I
43 Supriya R.H. Group-I
44 Swathi Shukla Group-I
45 Swetha L Group-II
46 Usha L Group-II
47 Varun V Group-I
48 Veena S Group-I