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Junior National Aquatic Championship 2002


Club : Delhi

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 Abhigya Kushwaha Group-I
2 Abhishek . Group-II
3 Ajay Tokas Group-II
4 Ankur Jain Group-II
5 Ankush Sharma Group-II
6 Anuradha Tempe Group-II
7 Chavi Asrani Group-I
8 Diksha Chellarmani Group-II
9 Disha Sethi Group-II
10 Diya Parthasarty Group-I
11 Gursi man Group-II
12 Hitender Tokas Group-I
13 Jeewant Rampal Group-I
14 Jitender Tokas Group-I
15 Kanwar Walia Group-I
16 Kartikeya Hooda Group-II
17 Kiran Tokas Group-I
18 Kunwar Walia Group-I
19 Mahima Garg Group-II
20 Meenakshi Tokas Group-I
21 Mehak Bhamri Group-I
22 Merwyn Chen Group-I
23 Mohini Datta Group-II
24 Mohit Verma Group-I
25 Nishant . Group-II
26 Nitin Verma Group-I
27 Poshika Singh Group-I
28 Priya Prasad Group-II
29 Raashi Kapoor Group-II
30 Radhika Arora Group-I
31 Raghavrai Verma Group-II
32 Rajni Tokas Group-II
33 Rishab Batra Group-II
34 Rishu Mehra Group-I
35 Ritu Sejwal Group-II
36 Rohit Kumar Group-II
37 Sameer Sareen Group-II
38 Saurabh Khande Group-I
39 Shekhar Tokas Group-I
40 Shruti Chatrath Group-II
41 Shruti Gupta Group-II
42 Somender Tokas Group-II
43 Sudhir Tokas Group-I
44 Suraj Sareen Group-I
45 Suraj . Sareen Group-I
46 Sweena Sethi Group-I
47 Uday Pandey Group-I
48 Varun Sethi Group-I
49 Vatan Kumar Group-II
50 Veerawali . Group-I
51 Vikas Mann