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Junior National Aquatic Championship 2002


Club : Punjab

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 Abhimanyu Tewari Group-I
2 Amanjot Kaur Group-II
3 Ankita . Group-II
4 Brisha . Group-II
5 Chander Kamal Group-II
6 Dakshveer Singh Group-I
7 Dalvir Singh Group-I
8 Deep Kiran Group-II
9 Deepti Kanwar Group-I
10 Dheeraj Kumar Chopra Group-I
11 Gagan Matta Group-II
12 Gagandeep Singh Group-I
13 Gurinder Pal Group-I
14 Gurnoor Kang Group-I
15 Gurpreet Kaur Group-I
16 Gurpreet Singh Group-I
17 Harbans Singh Group-II
18 Harpreet Bhullar Group-I
19 Harsimran Singh Group-I
20 Iqbaljit Singh Group-I
21 Isha Sood Group-II
22 Isha Soud Group-II
23 Jasdeep Singh Group-I
24 Jashan Jot Group-I
25 Jasnoor Singh Group-I
26 Kamalpreet Kaur Group-II
27 Kanwar Inder Singh Group-II
28 Karanveer Singh Group-II
29 Manraj Singh Group-I
30 Mirdumai Bhatia Group-I
31 Mohit Sharma Group-II
32 Mridul Sunil Group-II
33 Mridumai Bhatia Group-I
34 Narbans Singh Group-II
35 Narvinder Singh Group-I
36 Navpreet Sidhu Group-I
37 Pavneet Singh Group-I
38 Radha . Group-II
39 Rajvinder Singh Group-I
40 Ravinder Kumar Group-I
41 Ravneet Singh Group-II
42 Riti Parmar Group-II
43 Robin Tuli
44 Sagar Sethi Group-II
45 Sandeep Dhir Group-II
46 Sandeep Singh Group-II
47 Sanjeet Singh Group-II
48 Satnam Singh Group-II
49 Shilpa Narang Group-I
50 Sukh Mandeep Group-I
51 Sukhbir Singh Group-I
52 Sukhman Ghuman Group-II
53 Sukhmandeep . Group-I
54 Sunil Pal Singh
55 Surinderpal Singh Group-I
56 Taskeen Sharda Group-I
57 Tejkaran Singh Group-I
58 Varun Sharma Group-II
59 Vibha Babbar Group-II