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Khar Gymkhana 7th Marathon Open Swim Gala 2013

By name    By Age Group

List of participants, by name
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Participant Name
Club Name
1 Aadya Anaokar MIG Cricket Club Points
2 Aakanksha Vora Otters Club Points
3 Aamir Arsiwala Otters Club Points
4 Aanya Wala Khar Gymkhana Points
5 Aaryaman Jaising Khar Gymkhana Points
6 Aashni Joshi Mulund Swimming Pool Points
7 Aashni . Joshi Mulund Swimming Pool Points
8 Adit Bajaj Khar Gymkhana Points
9 Aditi Dhumatkar Khar Gymkhana Points
10 Ajit Pawar Police Swimming Pool Points
11 Aliya Gangwani Khar Gymkhana Points
12 Amitesh Raghav Khar Gymkhana Points
13 Anagha Srinivasan National Sports Club of India Points
14 Ananya Kochhar Otters Club Points
15 Ananya Mehere Police Swimming Pool Points
16 Ananya Pandey Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
17 Ananya Srinivasan National Sports Club of India Points
18 Angath Sadanah Otters Club Points
19 Aniket Jagtap Police Swimming Pool Points
20 Aniruddha Sawant Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
21 Anshul Jhamb Celebration Sports Club Points
22 Antara Agarwal National Sports Club of India Points
23 Antara Mehere Police Swimming Pool Points
24 Apeksha Fernandes IIT Swimming Club Points
25 Aria Seth Matunga Gymkhana Points
26 Arjunveer Gupta Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
27 Arlein DMello Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
28 Armaan Sikka Otters Club Points
29 Arnav Walawalkar MIG Cricket Club Points
30 Arsh Arora Otters Club Points
31 Arti Daga Andheri Recreation Club Points
32 Arvindra Singh MIG Cricket Club Points
33 Aryaman Parpia Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
34 Aryan Makhija Khar Gymkhana Points
35 Aryan Nair Mulund Swimming Pool Points
36 Aryan Patel Otters Club Points
37 Ashok Gawade Police Swimming Pool Points
38 Ashwathy Nair Mulund Swimming Pool Points
39 Ashwin Jaiswar Police Swimming Pool Points
40 Ashwini Jaiswal Police Swimming Pool Points
41 Axin Samuel Mulund Swimming Pool Points
42 Bhairavi Shah Police Swimming Pool Points
43 Bibhas Dasgupta Khar Gymkhana Points
44 Brijraj Shetty MIG Cricket Club Points
45 Chris Fernandes Police Swimming Pool Points
46 Deepali Parekh Andheri Recreation Club Points
47 Dev Thakkar Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
48 Devansh Moriani Otters Club Points
49 Dhanayush Raninga Goregaon Sports Club Points
50 Dipti Kapadia MIG Cricket Club Points
51 Dnyaneshwari Bankar Mulund Swimming Pool Points
52 Eshaan Kashikar Matunga Gymkhana Points
53 Eshani Parulekar National Sports Club of India Points
54 Evanka Shah Khar Gymkhana Points
55 Gairik Mukerjee Celebration Sports Club Points
56 Gargi Pawar Bombay YMCA Points
57 Gaurav Dewali Goregaon Sports Club Points
58 Gerri Samaikya Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
59 Hardik Bhatia Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
60 Hardik Hurnekar Mulund Swimming Pool Points
61 Harshavardhan Erande Goenka & Associates Edu. Trust Points
62 Harshi Shroff Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
63 Heer Shah Mulund Swimming Pool Points
64 Hitashi Mehta Matunga Gymkhana Points
65 Hrishikesh Bhoir Police Swimming Pool Points
66 Hrishikesh Karmalkar Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
67 Iqra Shaikh Bombay YMCA Points
68 Isha Radia National Sports Club of India Points
69 Ishaan Jaffer Otters Club Points
70 Ishaan Nagarkatti Khar Gymkhana Points
71 Jagdish Teli Andheri Swimming Pool Points
72 Jaiveer Motwani Khar Gymkhana Points
73 Jason Smith Khar Gymkhana Points
74 Jay Gaikar IIT Swimming Club Points
75 Jia Kamte Willingdon Sports Club Points
76 Kapil Shetty Ozone Swimming Academy Points
77 Karan Khanna Hiranandani Forest Club Points
78 Karishma Lole Police Swimming Pool Points
79 Kenisha Gupta Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
80 Keshin Bhargava Police Swimming Pool Points
81 Keya Mody Otters Club Points
82 Kiara Bangera Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
83 Kiran Mathews Hiranandani Forest Club Points
84 Krish Lalwani Khar Gymkhana Points
85 Krish Punjabi Khar Gymkhana Points
86 Kshiven Shah Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
87 Kush Moriani Otters Club Points
88 Laksh Puri Goregaon Sports Club Points
89 Louis Pathare Mulund Swimming Pool Points
90 Manan Shah Police Swimming Pool Points
91 Mansi Pase Khar Gymkhana Points
92 Meet Makhija Khar Gymkhana Points
93 Mehek Lucknowala Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
94 Meher Khanna Hiranandani Forest Club Points
95 Mihika Jadhav Mulund Swimming Pool Points
96 Minesh Babla Khar Gymkhana Points
97 Monique Gandhi Khar Gymkhana Points
98 Muskaan Patel Khar Gymkhana Points
99 Muskaan Tolani Otters Club Points
100 Mustafa Shaikh Ozone Swimming Academy Points
101 Nainika Asarpota MIG Cricket Club Points
102 Namita Hegdekar MIG Cricket Club Points
103 Nandika Raghav Khar Gymkhana Points
104 Neel Roy Khar Gymkhana Points
105 Neev Shetty Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
106 Neha Prasad Khar Gymkhana Points
107 Nidhi Khavnekar Mahatma Gandhi SP Points
108 Nishka Mehta Matunga Gymkhana Points
109 Om Gadkar Mulund Swimming Pool Points
110 Omkar Mitkari GLM Swimming Pool Points
111 Palak Dhami Matunga Gymkhana Points
112 Pradyumna Sharma MIG Cricket Club Points
113 Pragati Gupta Khar Gymkhana Points
114 Pranali Rane Goenka & Associates Edu. Trust Points
115 Pranav Bhojwani Khar Gymkhana Points
116 Pranesh Gharat Police Swimming Pool Points
117 Prithvi Poojari Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
118 Priyanka Rohra Khar Gymkhana Points
119 Proteeti Sinha Khar Gymkhana Points
120 Radhika Gawde Ozone Swimming Academy Points
121 Ranbir Vijan Goregaon Sports Club Points
122 Rayna Saldanha Otters Club Points
123 Reyan Gada National Sports Club of India Points
124 Rhea Jacob Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
125 Riddhi Jadhav Mulund Swimming Pool Points
126 Rishabh Said Mulund Swimming Pool Points
127 Rohan Agarwal Khar Gymkhana Points
128 Rohit Kamble IIT Swimming Club Points
129 Ronak Sawant Police Swimming Pool Points
130 Roshni Goela National Sports Club of India Points
131 Rudraksh Jaiswal Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
132 Rujuta Bhatt Khar Gymkhana Points
133 Ryan Jacob Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
134 Saakshi Naidu Hiranandani Forest Club Points
135 Saee Patil Police Swimming Pool Points
136 Sagarika Rawat Bombay YMCA Points
137 Saikiran Rameshbabu IIT Swimming Club Points
138 Sakshi Awatramani Khar Gymkhana Points
139 Sakshi Bingi Police Swimming Pool Points
140 Salil Gokhale Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
141 Samriddha Datta Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
142 Samyak Narnavare Hiranandani Forest Club Points
143 Sana Gaya Khar Gymkhana Points
144 Sanah Bhabha Khar Gymkhana Points
145 Saniya Singh Khar Gymkhana Points
146 Sanjiti Saha Khar Gymkhana Points
147 Sarika Jain Khar Gymkhana Points
148 Seerat Luggani Khar Gymkhana Points
149 Seeya Bijlani Khar Gymkhana Points
150 Shlok Jagani Ozone Swimming Academy Points
151 Shloka Gidwani Khar Gymkhana Points
152 Shon Ghadge Police Swimming Pool Points
153 Shraddha Menon Bombay YMCA Points
154 Shreeraj Kumbhare Police Swimming Pool Points
155 Shreetaj Hadge Mulund Swimming Pool Points
156 Shrikant Palande Police Swimming Pool Points
157 Shweta Jalswar Police Swimming Pool Points
158 Siddhant Mani Khar Gymkhana Points
159 Siddharth Bhuta Ozone Swimming Academy Points
160 Siddharth Kaul Otters Club Points
161 Siddharth Sankhe Otters Club Points
162 Siddharth Thakkar Goregaon Sports Club Points
163 Sneha Parab Police Swimming Pool Points
164 Snehal Bhal Kandivli Recreation Club Points
165 Soham Patil Mulund Swimming Pool Points
166 Sonam Chopdekar Mulund Swimming Pool Points
167 Srish Maulik Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
168 Stuti Daga National Sports Club of India Points
169 Suhani Bakshi Celebration Sports Club Points
170 Sunit Vaidya Khar Gymkhana Points
171 Sushrut Kapse Khar Gymkhana Points
172 Swayam Sawant Mulund Swimming Pool Points
173 Tanishka Singhania Bombay Presidency Radio Club Points
174 Tanvi Khandekar Bombay YMCA Points
175 Teena Sawant Police Swimming Pool Points
176 Tejaswita Bhardwaj Ozone Swimming Academy Points
177 Theon Langrana Matunga Gymkhana Points
178 Trish Achrekar MIG Cricket Club Points
179 Trisha Bhimani Khar Gymkhana Points
180 Ugine DMello Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
181 Urshita Vaishnav Khar Gymkhana Points
182 Utkarsh Hadge Mulund Swimming Pool Points
183 Varad Kulkarni Police Swimming Pool Points
184 Varad Pawar Police Swimming Pool Points
185 Varun Naik Mandpeshwar Civic Federation Points
186 Vedant Agrawal Khar Gymkhana Points
187 Vedant Bapna National Sports Club of India Points
188 Vedant Rao Otters Club Points
189 Vedant Shah Celebration Sports Club Points
190 Vedant Singh Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
191 Vedika Makhija Khar Gymkhana Points
192 Veeral Mehta Bombay YMCA Points
193 Vidit Agrawal Khar Gymkhana Points
194 Vinamra Agarwal Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
195 Vinit Mane Goregaon Sports Club Points
196 Vivaan Singh Dua Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS Points
197 Yajat Pithadia Mulund Swimming Pool Points
198 Yash Mhatre Mulund Swimming Pool Points
199 Yash Patankar Bombay YMCA Points
200 Yuvraj Wadhwani Khar Gymkhana Points