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32nd Sub Junior & 42nd Junior MSAAA State Championships 2015

By name    By Age Group

List of participants, by name
Select a participant to see his or her results
Participant Name
Club Name
1 A.P. Aman Nagpur Points
2 Aabha Deshpande Kolhapur Points
3 Aadesh Narayan Pune Points
4 Aaditya Chodhari Akola Points
5 Aaditya Deshpande Kolhapur Points
6 Aafreen Jaliwala Mumbai Points
7 Aakanksha Buchade Pune Points
8 Aakanksha Vora Mumbai Points
9 Aaliyah Kuwawala Pune Points
10 Aamir Arsiwala Mumbai Points
11 Aanya Wala Mumbai Points
12 Aaradhya Pilane Mumbai Points
13 Aarti Patil Mumbai Points
14 Aarya Rajguru Pune Points
15 Aaryan Bhosale Mumbai Points
16 Aashni Joshi Thane Points
17 Aayush Dekate Nagpur Points
18 Abha Mirashi Thane Points
19 Abhijit Gautam Wardha Points
20 Abhinandan Dalvi Raigad Points
21 Abhishek Gupta Amravati Points
22 Abhishek Koli Thane Points
23 Abhishek Lokhore Nagpur Points
24 Adarsh Kunthoji Solapur Points
25 Adesh Keswad Pune Points
26 Adish Andalkar Pune Points
27 Adita Bartakke Pune Points
28 Aditee Kadam Thane Points
29 Aditi Kadam Thane Points
30 Aditi Nilangekar Aurangabad Points
31 Aditi Oak Pune Points
32 Aditi Varunkar Raigad Points
33 Aditya Desai Kolhapur Points
34 Aditya Ghosh Mumbai Points
35 Aditya Hippargi Solapur Points
36 Aditya Jadhav Satara Points
37 Aditya Kondare Solapur Points
38 Aditya Masalekar Pune Points
39 Aditya Mhapralkar Mumbai Points
40 Aditya Pulli Solapur Points
41 Aditya Shah Mumbai Points
42 Aditya Thete Amravati Points
43 Advait Raje Thane Points
44 Advika Ramesh Pune Points
45 Adwait Kondhare Pune Points
46 Aeka Chatra Mumbai Points
47 Ajinkya Jadhav Pune Points
48 Ajinkya Patil Kolhapur Points
49 Ajit Thorat Beed Points
50 Akanksha Shah Mumbai Points
51 Akash Watkar Pune Points
52 Akkashee Shelke Pune Points
53 Akkashi Shelke Pune Points
54 Akshat Solanki Pune Points
55 Akshata Borkar Nagpur Points
56 Akshata Kamath Mumbai Points
57 Akshay Sakore Nagpur Points
58 Albin Alex Thane Points
59 Amaan Mukadam Thane Points
60 Aman Sakore Nagpur Points
61 Aman Shaikh Mumbai Points
62 Amanvi Bhandik Nashik Points
63 Amber Malandkar Mumbai Points
64 Ameesha Joshi Pune Points
65 Ameya Lad Thane Points
66 Amisha Kashyap Mumbai Points
67 Amogh Chilakwad Pune Points
68 Anagh Wankhade Wardha Points
69 Anagha Srinivasan Mumbai Points
70 Ananya Joshi Thane Points
71 Ananya Mehere Mumbai Points
72 Ananya Pandey Mumbai Points
73 Angad Madiwale Pune Points
74 Angath Sadanah Mumbai Points
75 Angel Kondra Pune Points
76 Angel Lobo Pune Points
77 Aniket Chavan Kolhapur Points
78 Aniket Gortyal Solapur Points
79 Aniket Jagtap Mumbai Points
80 Aniket Shitole Amravati Points
81 Aniket Supale Thane Points
82 Aniket Titarmare Nagpur Points
83 Anish Patwardhan Pune Points
84 Anshul Jhamb Mumbai Points
85 Anshul Yerudkar Kolhapur Points
86 Anshuman Jhingran Thane Points
87 Antara Kothare Mumbai Points
88 Anuj Kittur Nashik Points
89 Anuj Patil Nashik Points
90 Anuja Patil Nashik Points
91 Anurag Kanade Solapur Points
92 Anushka Gupta Amravati Points
93 Anushka Purandare Pune Points
94 Anvesh Prasade Pune Points
95 Anvesha Johare Pune Points
96 Anvita Nikam Kolhapur Points
97 Anya Tyagi Thane Points
98 Apeksha Fernandes Mumbai Points
99 Apeksha Shrirao Thane Points
100 Apoorv Deshpande Kolhapur Points
101 Aria Sheth Mumbai Points
102 Ariesa Mongia Mumbai Points
103 Arjav Patil Kolhapur Points
104 Arjun Khinvasara Pune Points
105 Arjun Lonate Akola Points
106 Arjunveer Gupta Mumbai Points
107 Armaan Sikka Mumbai Points
108 Arnav Bhadekar Pune Points
109 Arnav Halunde Pune Points
110 Arnav Ladkat Pune Points
111 Arnav Mundle Pune Points
112 Arshia Vora Mumbai Points
113 Arvind Inamdar Thane Points
114 Arya Bhonsale Nagpur Points
115 Arya Desai Thane Points
116 Arya Ingawale Pune Points
117 Arya Jadhav Thane Points
118 Arya Kriplani Thane Points
119 Arya Pilkhane Pune Points
120 Aryaa Deshpande Pune Points
121 Aryaan Mehra Mumbai Points
122 Aryaman Khataukar Mumbai Points
123 Aryaman Parpia Mumbai Points
124 Aryan Dadiala Mumbai Points
125 Aryan Dhage Wardha Points
126 Aryan Kedare Thane Points
127 Aryan Makhija Mumbai Points
128 Aryan Naik Pune Points
129 Aryan Rao Mumbai Points
130 Aryan Velnekar Satara Points
131 Ashish Divekar Pune Points
132 Ashish Kadam Thane Points
133 Ashok Gawade Mumbai Points
134 Ashutosh Helkar Sindhudurg Points
135 Ashwin Jaiswar Mumbai Points
136 Atharv Agrawal Mumbai Points
137 Atharva Bhakare Yeotmal Points
138 Atharva Bhonsale Nagpur Points
139 Atharva Kolvankar Thane Points
140 Atharva Mohite Thane Points
141 Atharva Nayak Thane Points
142 Atharva Nene Ratnagiri Points
143 Atharva Oak Pune Points
144 Atharva Rajguru Raigad Points
145 Atharva Shinde Satara Points
146 Atharva Surve Thane Points
147 Atharva Tarange Thane Points
148 Atharve Ahire Nashik Points
149 Avani Hayatnagarkar Pune Points
150 Avdhoot Parulekar Kolhapur Points
151 Avishkar Karnik Pune Points
152 Ayush Thakkar Mumbai Points
153 Balaji Patil Kolhapur Points
154 Bhagesh Kuthe Raigad Points
155 Bhakti Bhole Jalgaon Points
156 Bhakti Patil Kolhapur Points
157 Bhargav Said Thane Points
158 Bhargavi Gortyal Solapur Points
159 Bhargavi Rahalkar Ratnagiri Points
160 Bhavik Baruah Mumbai Points
161 Bhoomi Sanghavi Jalgaon Points
162 Bhushan Patil Raigad Points
163 Bhushan Sharma Pune Points
164 Bhushan Shedbale Kolhapur Points
165 Blossom Lobo Pune Points
166 Brijraj Shetty Mumbai Points
167 Chaitali Chapale Gadchiroli Points
168 Chaitanya Keluskar Raigad Points
169 Chaitanya Narkhede Raigad Points
170 Chaitanya Patil Pune Points
171 Chandrashaikar Kharande Beed Points
172 Charvak Bhonde Amravati Points
173 Charvi Patil Jalgaon Points
174 Chhabi Chauhan Gondia Points
175 Chirag Kadwe Wardha Points
176 Chris Fernandes Mumbai Points
177 DashmeetKaur Khokhar Pune Points
178 Dedeepya Ramteke Nagpur Points
179 Deepak Kendre Nanded Points
180 Deepak Patil Mumbai Points
181 Denver Pais Mumbai Points
182 Dev Ambokar Mumbai Points
183 Devayani Bhor Thane Points
184 Devika Mungekar Pune Points
185 Dhanashri Jadhav Jalgaon Points
186 Dhanashri Mahadik Ratnagiri Points
187 Dhanayush Raninga Mumbai Points
188 Dharmesh Patil Nanded Points
189 Dhawal Kamble Wardha Points
190 Dhruv Patel Thane Points
191 Dhruv Sonak Thane Points
192 Digvijay Godse Yeotmal Points
193 Disha Bhagwat Thane Points
194 Divij Tekawade Pune Points
195 Dixit Bhoir Raigad Points
196 Diya Amghe Nagpur Points
197 Drashtee Suratwala Jalgaon Points
198 Eknath Meshram Mumbai Points
199 Esha Vinerkar Thane Points
200 Eshaan Kashikar Mumbai Points
201 Eshan Asodekar Mumbai Points
202 Eshani Parulekar Mumbai Points
203 Evanka Shah Mumbai Points
204 Gatik Patil Jalgaon Points
205 Gatresh Patil Jalgaon Points
206 Gaurav Chavan Kolhapur Points
207 Gaurav Thakur Raigad Points
208 Gaurav Udan Beed Points
209 Gaurav Upadhyay Thane Points
210 Gautami Agarwal Pune Points
211 Gayatri Sanghi Mumbai Points
212 Gayatri Wagh Washim Points
213 Girija Kulkarni Pune Points
214 Gourav Mahmane Solapur Points
215 Gunjan Karakwar Wardha Points
216 Gururaj Kurapati Solapur Points
217 Hannah Lobo Pune Points
218 Harsh Datye Pune Points
219 Harsh Thakre Wardha Points
220 Harsh Todankar Ratnagiri Points
221 Harshad Dhobale Pune Points
222 Harshada Jadhav Kolhapur Points
223 Harshal Yavale Amravati Points
224 Harshdip Waghmare Parbhani Points
225 Harshi Shroff Mumbai Points
226 Heer Shah Mumbai Points
227 Himanshi Titarmare Nagpur Points
228 Himanshu Dekate Nagpur Points
229 Hitanshu Mehta Raigad Points
230 Hitashi Mehta Mumbai Points
231 Hrishikesh Bhegade Pune Points
232 Hrishikesh Chavan Nagpur Points
233 Hrishikesh Karmalkar Mumbai Points
234 Indraneel Bhide Pune Points
235 Iqra Shaikh Mumbai Points
236 Isha Ambekar Thane Points
237 Isha Kadhi Thane Points
238 Isha Radia Mumbai Points
239 Ishaan Jaffer Mumbai Points
240 Ishaan Mehra Mumbai Points
241 Ishaan Nagarkatti Mumbai Points
242 Ishan Bhujbal Pune Points
243 Ishan Khare Pune Points
244 Ishan Prabhudesai Pune Points
245 Ishani Kumar Mumbai Points
246 Ishwari Jagdale Pune Points
247 Jaaydeepsing Jadeja Gondia Points
248 Janhavi Pethkar Pune Points
249 Janhvee Chavhan Amravati Points
250 Jaresh Ghag Kolhapur Points
251 Jason Smith Mumbai Points
252 Jay Gaikar Mumbai Points
253 Jayant Dubale Nagpur Points
254 Jeet Bashte Ratnagiri Points
255 Jispa Doshi Mumbai Points
256 Juee Bhalerao Pune Points
257 Jui Gham Pune Points
258 Jyoti Patil Mumbai Points
259 Kairav Nanavaty Mumbai Points
260 Kaivalya Trimbake Solapur Points
261 Kalpilesh Harne Amravati Points
262 Kalpit Singh Thane Points
263 Kanishka Shokeen Pune Points
264 Kapil Shetty Mumbai Points
265 Karan Dharmadhikari Kolhapur Points
266 Karvi Gaikwad Kolhapur Points
267 Kasturi Chaugule Jalgaon Points
268 Kaustubh Gadge Amravati Points
269 Kavya Charlewar Nagpur Points
270 Kedar Berde Ratnagiri Points
271 Kedar Matkar Mumbai Points
272 Kenisha Gupta Mumbai Points
273 Ketki Ghate Nagpur Points
274 Keya Mody Mumbai Points
275 KhanMohd Saif Mumbai Points
276 Khushboo Deshwal Raigad Points
277 Khushi Kunwar Raigad Points
278 Khushi Patel Mumbai Points
279 Khushie Shah Pune Points
280 Kiara Bangera Mumbai Points
281 Kiran Mathews Mumbai Points
282 Kostubh Parhak Amravati Points
283 Koushik Malandkar Kolhapur Points
284 Krish Manral Mumbai Points
285 Krishna Deshmukh Gadchiroli Points
286 Krishna Shelke Kolhapur Points
287 Kshitija Raje Pune Points
288 Kuldip Patil Dhule Points
289 Kunal Daphale Thane Points
290 Kundan Thakur Parbhani Points
291 L. Shreshth Mumbai Points
292 Labdhi Lunkad Pune Points
293 Laksh Puri Mumbai Points
294 Lavanya Pawar Raigad Points
295 Lokesh Chaudhari Jalgaon Points
296 Lokesh Patil Jalgaon Points
297 Louis Pathare Mumbai Points
298 Lynsey Fernandes Thane Points
299 Madhuli Karmalkar Pune Points
300 Madhura Agate Pune Points
301 Mahanaryamansingh Bhonsle Nagpur Points
302 Mahek Lucknowala Mumbai Points
303 Maitrayani Bhosale Mumbai Points
304 Maitrayee More Thane Points
305 Mallika Baikerikar Mumbai Points
306 Mallika Dasgupta Mumbai Points
307 Manas Chorge Mumbai Points
308 Manasa BSV Raigad Points
309 Manasi Pingle Raigad Points
310 Manasvi Jagdale Solapur Points
311 Manaswini Mohite Nagpur Points
312 Manish Khomane Pune Points
313 Manjiree More Thane Points
314 Mansi Rajput Jalgaon Points
315 Mansi Shringare Kolhapur Points
316 Manthan Gharat Raigad Points
317 Mayank Chaphekar Thane Points
318 Mayank Kulkarni Thane Points
319 Mayuresh Dhavade Thane Points
320 Medini Joshi Pune Points
321 Meera Palkar Thane Points
322 Meet Makhija Mumbai Points
323 Megh Thakar Pune Points
324 Meghana Kumthekar Pune Points
325 Meghraj Mane Parbhani Points
326 Mehlam Ghadially Thane Points
327 Mihir Ambre Pune Points
328 Mihir Kulkarni Raigad Points
329 Mitali Darda Pune Points
330 Mitvi Dattani Mumbai Points
331 Mohammed Huzer Nagpur Points
332 Monique Gandhi Mumbai Points
333 Mrinank Kishore Thane Points
334 Mrudul Bhoyar Nagpur Points
335 Mrunal Jadhav Satara Points
336 Mufaddal Kapasi Mumbai Points
337 Mufeetali Shaikh Solapur Points
338 Mukul Shinde Satara Points
339 Muskaan Lucknowala Mumbai Points
340 Muskaan Tolani Mumbai Points
341 Muskan Deshwal Raigad Points
342 Nachiket Buzruk Nashik Points
343 Nachiket Waghmare Thane Points
344 Naina Borkar Pune Points
345 Naman Chauhan Gondia Points
346 Namita Hegdekar Mumbai Points
347 Namrata Vyavahare Raigad Points
348 Nandini Pethkar Pune Points
349 Nandita Ambade Nagpur Points
350 Neel Kulkarni Thane Points
351 Neel Roy Mumbai Points
352 Neemita Bhattacharya Mumbai Points
353 Neeraj Chavan Thane Points
354 Neha Sagare Pune Points
355 Neil DSouza Raigad Points
356 Netra Bhatt Thane Points
357 Nicolas Fernando Mumbai Points
358 Nidhi Pandit Jalgaon Points
359 Nidhish Mhapsekar Thane Points
360 Nihar Bhanushali Raigad Points
361 Nikhil Jagtap Kolhapur Points
362 Nikhil Shipukar Chandrapur Points
363 Nikita Rane Mumbai Points
364 Nirant Patil Kolhapur Points
365 Nirbhay Patil Raigad Points
366 Nisha Bonde Amravati Points
367 Nishit Salian Thane Points
368 Nishka Mehta Mumbai Points
369 Nishtha Agarwaal Pune Points
370 Niyati Satgonda Raigad Points
371 Nupur Kadam Thane Points
372 Ojas Patil Raigad Points
373 Om Adlok Amravati Points
374 Om Gawand Mumbai Points
375 Om Jagtap Pune Points
376 Om Jondhale Thane Points
377 Om Mane Satara Points
378 Om Thorat Pune Points
379 Omkar Kulkarni Jalgaon Points
380 Omkar Raut Thane Points
381 Padmesh Joshi Thane Points
382 Palak Dhami Mumbai Points
383 Paresh Agalave Pune Points
384 Paridhi Karwa Jalgaon Points
385 Parth Ambulkar Amravati Points
386 Parth Bhonsale Nagpur Points
387 Parth Gore Pune Points
388 Parth Kate Kolhapur Points
389 Parth Mahajan Pune Points
390 Parth Medhi Pune Points
391 Parth Mirage Kolhapur Points
392 Payal Gahankari Amravati Points
393 Payal Shrirao Thane Points
394 Phalguni Bhide Pune Points
395 Piyush Patil Raigad Points
396 Piyush Suryavanshi Raigad Points
397 Piyusha Jwale Jalgaon Points
398 Pooja Kumare Pune Points
399 Prabhat Koli Thane Points
400 Pradhi Bobade Satara Points
401 Pradyumna Sharma Mumbai Points
402 Pragati Gupta Mumbai Points
403 Prajwal Wagh Kolhapur Points
404 Pranav Lokre Thane Points
405 Pranav Mhatre Raigad Points
406 Pranav Solanki Mumbai Points
407 Pranay Lungare Amravati Points
408 Praneet Ubhe Pune Points
409 Pranjal Tathawade Pune Points
410 Pranjali Kadve Raigad Points
411 Prasad Bhargav Pune Points
412 Prasad Hirlekar Mumbai Points
413 Prasad Kandul Pune Points
414 Prasad Sawale Nashik Points
415 Prasanna Khedekar Pune Points
416 Prashant Gokhale Mumbai Points
417 Pratdyna Dhatrak Nagpur Points
418 Pratham Bahal Nagpur Points
419 Prathamesh Bhondave Pune Points
420 Prathamesh Dhuri Thane Points
421 Prathamesh Divekar Pune Points
422 Prathamesh Kadve Raigad Points
423 Prathamesh More Kolhapur Points
424 Prathamesh Patil Raigad Points
425 Prathamesh Sonar Pune Points
426 Prathamesh Suryavanshi Pune Points
427 Prathamesh Tope Mumbai Points
428 Prathmesh Pawde Nanded Points
429 Prathmesh Ratnaparkhi Wardha Points
430 Prem Pawar Kolhapur Points
431 Prem Powar Kolhapur Points
432 Preshita Tare Raigad Points
433 Pritesh Chavan Mumbai Points
434 Prithviraj Gautam Wardha Points
435 Prithviraj Kamble Thane Points
436 Prithviraj Sasane Kolhapur Points
437 Prithviraj Shinde Kolhapur Points
438 Priti Kadam Washim Points
439 Pritish Pore Pune Points
440 Priya Mokashi Pune Points
441 Priyanka Dhavne Pune Points
442 Priyanshu Patil Raigad Points
443 Proteeti Sinha Mumbai Points
444 Prutha Pednekar Ratnagiri Points
445 Pujesh Dafle Wardha Points
446 Punit Mahulkar Thane Points
447 Pushpak Lande Nagpur Points
448 Radhika Gawde Mumbai Points
449 Radhika Kadu Amravati Points
450 Radhika Ubhad Jalgaon Points
451 Rahul Darne Raigad Points
452 Rahul Jampalwar Beed Points
453 Raj Desai Nagpur Points
454 Raj Korgaonkar Kolhapur Points
455 Raj Pardeshi Raigad Points
456 Raj Patil Raigad Points
457 Raj Umathe Amravati Points
458 Rajat Abhale Mumbai Points
459 Rajsingh Chauhan Wardha Points
460 Rajvardhan Ghorpade Raigad Points
461 Rajveer Motta Thane Points
462 Rajwardhan Patil Kolhapur Points
463 Rajyavardhan Pawar Pune Points
464 Rashi Muthukumar Mumbai Points
465 Rashi Trimbake Solapur Points
466 Ravija Singal Mumbai Points
467 Rayna Saldanha Mumbai Points
468 Resha Reddy Gadchiroli Points
469 Revati Regnekar Yeotmal Points
470 Reyan Gada Mumbai Points
471 Riddhi Hagawane Pune Points
472 Riddhi Patil Pune Points
473 Ridhi Parmar Nagpur Points
474 Rishabh Chaubey Mumbai Points
475 Rishabh Pillai Thane Points
476 Rishabh Rao Mumbai Points
477 Rishi Bahal Nagpur Points
478 Rishikesh Chavan Nagpur Points
479 Riya Birje Raigad Points
480 Riya Taori Pune Points
481 Rochishnu Rawool Mumbai Points
482 Rohan Agarwal Mumbai Points
483 Rohan Mali Pune Points
484 Rohan Tile Solapur Points
485 Rohit Gaikwad Pune Points
486 Rohit Kharat Solapur Points
487 Rohit Patil Pune Points
488 Rohit Udan Beed Points
489 Rohita Ghadiyaram Mumbai Points
490 Roman Sheikh Wardha Points
491 Ronak Sawant Mumbai Points
492 Roshan Duratkar Wardha Points
493 Roshan Rajput Jalgaon Points
494 Roshani Ramteke Gadchiroli Points
495 Rucha Aphale Pune Points
496 Ruchika Kirad Pune Points
497 Rudra Ingle Pune Points
498 Rudraksh Bhoyar Wardha Points
499 Rudransh Mishra Mumbai Points
500 Rudranshee Madiwale Pune Points
501 Rugved Patil Raigad Points
502 Rugveda Dalvi Kolhapur Points
503 Rupal Bhujade Nagpur Points
504 Rushi Suryavanshi Solapur Points
505 Rushikesh Ode Amravati Points
506 Rutuja Bidkar Solapur Points
507 Rutuja Desai Kolhapur Points
508 Ruturaj Bidkar Solapur Points
509 Rutvik Dicholkar Sindhudurg Points
510 Ryan Pinto Mumbai Points
511 Sabyasachi Panigrahi Pune Points
512 Sachi Shetty Pune Points
513 Sachin Vidap Solapur Points
514 Sadhvi Dhuri Pune Points
515 Saee Patil Mumbai Points
516 Sagar Tekawade Jalgaon Points
517 Sagarika Jain Thane Points
518 Sagarika Rawat Mumbai Points
519 Saheel Gangote Pune Points
520 Saheen Thombre Pune Points
521 Sahil Chakote Amravati Points
522 Sahil Joshi Pune Points
523 Sahil Kadam Kolhapur Points
524 Sahil Parab Mumbai Points
525 Sahil Pawar Pune Points
526 Sahil Tarale Wardha Points
527 Sai Nair Thane Points
528 Sai Upakare Dhule Points
529 Sajiri Kamat Pune Points
530 Sakshi Ambade Nagpur Points
531 Sakshi Birkad Akola Points
532 Sakshi Dafle Wardha Points
533 Sakshi Sawant Raigad Points
534 Sakshi Shirode Pune Points
535 Salil Deshpande Pune Points
536 Salil Gokhale Mumbai Points
537 Salila Joshi Amravati Points
538 Samarth Jadhav Solapur Points
539 Sameer Gupta Gondia Points
540 Sameer Sheikh Wardha Points
541 Samiksha Shirke Raigad Points
542 Sampanna Shelar Pune Points
543 Samruddhi Shendure Kolhapur Points
544 Samrudhi Gholba Pune Points
545 Samved Burbure Solapur Points
546 Sana Gaya Mumbai Points
547 Sana Neware Nagpur Points
548 Sanah Bhabha Mumbai Points
549 Sandesh Malvankar Kolhapur Points
550 Sangesh Sonkamble Nanded Points
551 Sanika Borkute Nagpur Points
552 Sanika Desai Mumbai Points
553 Sanika Malasure Raigad Points
554 Sanika Pingle Raigad Points
555 Saniya Raskar Pune Points
556 Sanjili Wankhade Amravati Points
557 Sanjiti Saha Mumbai Points
558 Sanjot Kuthe Raigad Points
559 Sanket Sakhare Amravati Points
560 Sanmay Ruikar Wardha Points
561 Sarang Vaidya Raigad Points
562 Sarthak Dhurve Nagpur Points
563 Sarthak Khandagale Amravati Points
564 Sarthak Mokal Raigad Points
565 Sarvesh Ingle Gadchiroli Points
566 Sarvesh Suravanshi Nashik Points
567 Sarvoday Chamat Nagpur Points
568 Satyajeet Kumthekar Pune Points
569 Saugandhika Kale Mumbai Points
570 Sayalee Nachankar Thane Points
571 Sayali Gaikwad Kolhapur Points
572 Seerat Luggani Mumbai Points
573 Seeya Bijlani Mumbai Points
574 Shalmali Walunjkar Pune Points
575 Shamli Pardeshi Thane Points
576 Shamuel Ingle Gadchiroli Points
577 Shantanu Kholkute Nagpur Points
578 Shardul Rabade Pune Points
579 Sharvari Kuthe Raigad Points
580 Shashruti Nakade Nagpur Points
581 Shashurti Nakade Nagpur Points
582 Shaunak Prasade Pune Points
583 Shaunak Sakhare Amravati Points
584 Shejal Kondra Pune Points
585 Shivaji Raut Amravati Points
586 Shivalika Vishnoi Gadchiroli Points
587 Shivam Gadge Amravati Points
588 Shivam Pathare Amravati Points
589 Shivani Sutar Pune Points
590 Shraddha Menon Mumbai Points
591 Shravani Harer Thane Points
592 Shreedhar Todi Mumbai Points
593 Shreeraj Patil Thane Points
594 Shrey Thakur Pune Points
595 Shreya Gugle Raigad Points
596 Shreya Vahtakar Solapur Points
597 Shreyash Gulhane Amravati Points
598 Shrivallabh Chikhalkar Amravati Points
599 Shrusti Shete Solapur Points
600 Shruti Kathawate Amravati Points
601 Shruti Pusalkar Thane Points
602 Shruti Thakur Pune Points
603 Shubham Lullu Thane Points
604 Shubham Rawal Thane Points
605 Shwejal Mankar Pune Points
606 Shweta Jaiswar Mumbai Points
607 Sia Ranade Pune Points
608 Siddaya Mane Solapur Points
609 Siddhant Bhatt Thane Points
610 Siddhant Khopade Thane Points
611 Siddhant Patki Kolhapur Points
612 Siddharth Ghare Raigad Points
613 Siddharth Sankhe Mumbai Points
614 Siddharth Thakkar Mumbai Points
615 Siddhesh Bhoir Raigad Points
616 Siddhi Karkhanis Pune Points
617 Siddhi Kotwal Nashik Points
618 Siddhi Penkar Pune Points
619 Siddhi Vanmali Thane Points
620 Sidhesh Hardas Nagpur Points
621 Siraj Jafar Parbhani Points
622 Siyaa Shetty Pune Points
623 Sneha Parab Mumbai Points
624 Soham Athalye Mumbai Points
625 Soham Bapat Pune Points
626 Soham Bundke Raigad Points
627 Soham Chaudhari Jalgaon Points
628 Soham Chaukuskar Yeotmal Points
629 Soham Chopdekar Mumbai Points
630 Soham Nair Mumbai Points
631 Soham Patil Mumbai Points
632 Soham Pawar Thane Points
633 Soham Shete Solapur Points
634 Soham Sheth Pune Points
635 Sohum Gosavi Pune Points
636 Somesh Jampalwar Beed Points
637 Somnath Jogdand Parbhani Points
638 Soumitra Mokasdar Amravati Points
639 Sourabh Kolekar Solapur Points
640 Spandan Yeole Mumbai Points
641 Srish Maulik Mumbai Points
642 Srushti Kapse Nagpur Points
643 Stuti Daga Mumbai Points
644 Subiyya Mulani Kolhapur Points
645 Suchi Radia Mumbai Points
646 Sudhanva Kulkarni Thane Points
647 Suhani Bakshi Mumbai Points
648 Suhani Chauhan Nagpur Points
649 Sukant Hardikar Pune Points
650 Suman Singha Thane Points
651 Sumedh Choure Beed Points
652 Sumit Mohod Amravati Points
653 Sumit Tale Amravati Points
654 Suraj Badwane Solapur Points
655 Sushant Survase Solapur Points
656 Sushrut Kapse Mumbai Points
657 Suyash Deshpande Wardha Points
658 Swapnil Pandit Amravati Points
659 Swar Dongare Nagpur Points
660 Swara Shinde Pune Points
661 Swarali Kokil Pune Points
662 Swarnim Barapatre Pune Points
663 Swaroop Hadke Pune Points
664 Swayambhu Dhuri Pune Points
665 Tanay Karewar Chandrapur Points
666 Tanisha Motta Mumbai Points
667 Tanmay Jagtap Nagpur Points
668 Tanmay Kahate Nagpur Points
669 Tanmay Mendhe Nagpur Points
670 Tanmay Thakur Pune Points
671 Tanuja Barve Thane Points
672 Tanvi Pednekar Mumbai Points
673 Tanvi Poojari Raigad Points
674 Tanvi Pujari Raigad Points
675 Tarang Thak.are Nagpur Points
676 Tejaswita Bhardwaj Mumbai Points
677 Theon Langrana Mumbai Points
678 Tia Karkhanis Thane Points
679 Trisha Bhimani Mumbai Points
680 Trisha Karkhanis Thane Points
681 Trisha Shingote Pune Points
682 Tushar Parmar Nagpur Points
683 Uma Sonawane Raigad Points
684 Utkarsh Hadge Mumbai Points
685 Utkarsh Nikam Kolhapur Points
686 Utkarsha Gade Satara Points
687 Vahrun Taraporewala Mumbai Points
688 Vaibhav Kuthe Raigad Points
689 Vaibhav Sanap Beed Points
690 Vaibhavi Rinke Nagpur Points
691 Vaibhavi Thete Amravati Points
692 Vaidehee Mundlik Beed Points
693 Vaidehi Ashthana Amravati Points
694 Vaidhai Manakeshwar Pune Points
695 Vaishnav Mahadik Mumbai Points
696 Vaishnavi Desai Thane Points
697 Vaishnavi Kudale Pune Points
698 Vaishnavi More Pune Points
699 Vaishnavi Patil Kolhapur Points
700 Varun Choudhari Amravati Points
701 Varun Gundesha Pune Points
702 Varun Pai Solapur Points
703 Varun Patel Mumbai Points
704 Ved Swami Pune Points
705 Vedant Agarwal Mumbai Points
706 Vedant Bapna Mumbai Points
707 Vedant Bhombe Amravati Points
708 Vedant Harishchandre Raigad Points
709 Vedant Kakad Amravati Points
710 Vedant Khandeparkar Mumbai Points
711 Vedant Kuthe Raigad Points
712 Vedant Mudholkar Kolhapur Points
713 Vedant Naidu Pune Points
714 Vedant Parikh Mumbai Points
715 Vedant Saraf Amravati Points
716 Vedant Shah Mumbai Points
717 Vedant Sharda Mumbai Points
718 Vedant Singh Mumbai Points
719 Vedant Ukirde Mumbai Points
720 Vedanti Surve Thane Points
721 Vedika Makhija Mumbai Points
722 Vedosi Wani Jalgaon Points
723 Veerbadra Dasi Solapur Points
724 Vibha Zanan Pune Points
725 Vicky Kamble Pune Points
726 Vinay Chaugule Jalgaon Points
727 Vinayak Sawant Kolhapur Points
728 Vinit Mane Mumbai Points
729 Vinit Wadgaonkar Raigad Points
730 Vipul Mhatre Raigad Points
731 Viraj Prabhu Thane Points
732 Viren Rasal Pune Points
733 Vishal Mahajan Amravati Points
734 Vishal Tayade Amravati Points
735 Vishvaki Sonawane Pune Points
736 Vyankatesh Patil Kolhapur Points
737 Vyom Paknikar Pune Points
738 Yanickaa Shetty Thane Points
739 Yash Bafna Pune Points
740 Yash Durge Amravati Points
741 Yash Gaikwad Nashik Points
742 Yash Jadhav Pune Points
743 Yash Mehendale Pune Points
744 Yash Parab Mumbai Points
745 Yash Patankar Mumbai Points
746 Yash Sonak Thane Points
747 Yashraj Chougale Kolhapur Points
748 Yashvi Kharat Thane Points
749 Yuga Birnale Pune Points
750 Yugandhara Shirke Kolhapur Points
751 Yukta Bhurke Pune Points
752 Yukta Vakhariya Pune Points
753 Zaara Jabbar Thane Points
754 Zoya Shaikh Mumbai Points
1 Amravati Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Amravati Points
2 Beed Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group II Beed Points
3 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Mumbai Points
4 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group II Mumbai Points
5 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group I Mumbai Points
6 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group II Mumbai Points
7 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group I Mumbai Points
8 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group II Mumbai Points
9 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group I Mumbai Points
10 Mumbai Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group II Mumbai Points
11 Mumbai Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Mumbai Points
12 Mumbai Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group II Mumbai Points
13 Mumbai Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group I Mumbai Points
14 Mumbai Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group II Mumbai Points
15 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group III Mumbai Points
16 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group IV Mumbai Points
17 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group III Mumbai Points
18 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group IV Mumbai Points
19 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group III Mumbai Points
20 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group IV Mumbai Points
21 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group III Mumbai Points
22 Mumbai Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group IV Mumbai Points
23 Nagpur Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group II Nagpur Points
24 Nagpur Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group III Nagpur Points
25 Nagpur Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group IV Nagpur Points
26 Nagpur Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group III Nagpur Points
27 Nagpur Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group IV Nagpur Points
28 Pune Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Pune Points
29 Pune Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group II Pune Points
30 Pune Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group I Pune Points
31 Pune Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group II Pune Points
32 Pune Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group I Pune Points
33 Pune Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group II Pune Points
34 Pune Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group I Pune Points
35 Pune Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group II Pune Points
36 Pune Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Pune Points
37 Pune Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group II Pune Points
38 Pune Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group I Pune Points
39 Pune Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group II Pune Points
40 Pune Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group III Pune Points
41 Pune Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group IV Pune Points
42 Pune Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group III Pune Points
43 Pune Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group IV Pune Points
44 Pune Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group III Pune Points
45 Pune Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group IV Pune Points
46 Pune Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group III Pune Points
47 Pune Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group IV Pune Points
48 Raigad Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Raigad Points
49 Raigad Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group I Raigad Points
50 Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group II Raigad Points
51 Thane Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Thane Points
52 Thane Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group II Thane Points
53 Thane Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group I Thane Points
54 Thane Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group II Thane Points
55 Thane Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group I Thane Points
56 Thane Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group II Thane Points
57 Thane Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Thane Points
58 Thane Team 4x200 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group II Thane Points
59 Thane Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group III Thane Points
60 Thane Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group IV Thane Points
61 Thane Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group III Thane Points
62 Thane Team 4x50 M. Free Style Relay - Girls Group IV Thane Points
63 Thane Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group III Thane Points
64 Thane Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group IV Thane Points
65 Thane Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group III Thane Points
66 Thane Team 4x50 M. Medley Relay - Girls Group IV Thane Points
67 Wardha Team 4x100 M. Free Style Relay - Boys Group I Wardha Points
68 Wardha Team 4x100 M. Medley Relay - Boys Group I Wardha Points