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32nd YMCA Annual Swimming Gala


Club : Mahatma Gandhi Swimming Pool

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 Abhishek K Boys under 12 years
2 Abhishek Mule
3 Ajinkya Khatte Boys under 12 years
4 Ajinkya Rane
5 Akshay Shind Boys under 6 years
6 Anant Kear Boys under 12 years
7 Anuja Pandit Girls under 12 years
8 Apurva Aiyengar Girls under 12 years
9 Himani Bhatt Girls under 8 years
10 Jinit Bhatt Boys under 12 years
11 Juie Shetye
12 Krishna Bhandarkar Boys under 10 years
13 Mandar Salunke Boys under 8 years
14 Meghna Moses Girls under 12 years
15 Minit Shah Boys under 12 years
16 Minita Shah
17 Nishita Sule Girls under 10 years
18 Omkar Gudekar Boys under 12 years
19 Omkar Salunke Boys under 8 years
20 Parashar Satardekar Boys under 14 years
21 Priyanka Sonavane Girls under 8 years
22 Rohit Davane Boys under 12 years
23 Sandesh Devane Boys under 8 years
24 Sandeya Ghag Girls under 6 years
25 Sanjeet Pednekar Boys under 6 years
26 Sayali Gudhekar Girls under 14 years
27 Simran Mungekar Girls under 6 years
28 Viraj Dhond Boys under 12 years
29 Yogesh Pawar
30 Yogesh Ukidave