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The Acres Lifestyle Club 4th Open Swim Meet 2015


Club : Goenka & Associates EducationalTrust

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 Aayush Halgekar Boys Under 15 years
2 Amy Rathod Girls Under 11 years
3 Anoushka Fonseca Girls Under 13 years
4 Anushka Salaskar Girls Under 9 years
5 Aryaman K. Boys Under 15 years
6 Dayita Bangera Girls Under 11 years
7 Durva Redkar Girls Under 11 years
8 Isha Shah Girls Under 9 years
9 Ishant Shetty Boys Under 11 years
10 Jahnavi Joshi Girls Under 13 years
11 Janvi Gholap Girls Under 13 years
12 Kaustubh Nagvekar Boys Under 15 years
13 Khyati Gholap Girls Under 11 years
14 Kimaya Fonseca Girls Under 9 years
15 Krishna Bari Boys Under 15 years
16 Manas Chorge Boys Under 13 years
17 Manasi Mahamunkar Girls Under 13 years
18 Mansha Dash Girls Under 11 years
19 Mehek Kadu Girls Under 11 years
20 Mihika Desai Girls Under 9 years
21 Nehal Chauhan Girls Under 11 years
22 Neym Rizvi Boys Under 15 years
23 Nia Reddy Girls Under 9 years
24 Parth Agarwal Boys Under 11 years
25 Pragati Jha Girls Under 9 years
26 Prathamesh Shinde Boys Under 15 years
27 Rohita Ghadiyaram Girls Under 15 years
28 Saeesha Wade Girls Under 9 years
29 Saksham Jha Boys Under 13 years
30 Siddhant Kumar Boys Under 11 years
31 Simran Kambli Girls Under 13 years
32 Soham Khot Boys Under 13 years
33 Tanaya Manchekar Girls Under 15 years
34 Tanishq Kadam Boys Under 11 years
35 Tanvi Mehta Girls Under 13 years
36 Vaidehi Jha Girls Under 11 years
37 Vivan Raorane Boys Under 7 years