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The Acres Lifestyle Club 4th Open Swim Meet 2015


Club : Forest Club

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 Aaryan Bhosale Boys Under 13 years
2 Aishaani Jaiswal Girls Under 7 years
3 Aks Khurana Boys Under 13 years
4 Allen Andrew Boys Under 13 years
5 Amber Malandkar Boys Under 11 years
6 Ananya Nadar Girls Under 9 years
7 Arnav Agrawal Boys Under 13 years
8 Aryan Dinakaran Boys Under 9 years
9 Aryan Saklani Boys Under 13 years
10 Atharv Agrawal Boys Under 15 years
11 Dev Gogia Boys Under 11 years
12 Dia Daryanani Girls Under 11 years
13 Diya Changwani Girls Under 9 years
14 Kareena Shankta Girls Under 11 years
15 Krish Shetty Boys Under 11 years
16 Maitrayani Bhosale Girls Under 13 years
17 Moh Jaiswal Boys Under 15 years
18 Raghav Gurukrishnan Boys Under 11 years
19 Ria Rajan Girls Under 11 years
20 Rohan Narsimhan Boys Under 13 years
21 Ruchika Bedi Girls Under 15 years
22 Sagar Malandkar Boys Under 9 years
23 Samyak Narnaware Boys Under 13 years
24 Shourya Mukherjee Boys Under 13 years
25 Shraddha Shetty Girls Under 11 years
26 Thea De Girls Under 11 years
27 Vedika Prabhudesai Girls Under 11 years