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The Acres Lifestyle Club 4th Open Swim Meet 2015


Club : Chhatrapati Shivaji MSS

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
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Participant Name
Age Group
1 Anaya Bedekar Girls Under 11 years
2 Anaya Punamiya Girls Under 9 years
3 Aryaman Banka Boys Under 13 years
4 Aryavrat Halunde Boys Under 9 years
5 Bethany Furtado Girls Under 9 years
6 Chetan Molankar Boys Under 7 years
7 Harshali Kamat Girls Under 7 years
8 Harshi Shroff Girls Under 15 years
9 Khushi Jain Girls Under 13 years
10 Neel Jetley Boys Under 9 years
11 Praptee Trivedi Girls Under 11 years
12 Prithvi Poojary Boys Under 9 years
13 Pushya Sahajwani Girls Under 9 years
14 Raghav Jetley Boys Under 7 years
15 Riya Gadre Girls Under 7 years
16 Samriddha Dutta Girls Under 9 years
17 Sharva Bhave Boys Under 7 years
18 Siddharth Lingeria Boys Under 7 years
19 Siya Devrukhkar Girls Under 7 years
20 Sumukh Bhatia Boys Under 11 years
21 Vacha Maniar Girls Under 7 years
22 Vaibhavi Vankhedekar Girls Under 13 years
23 Varun Chikhale Boys Under 13 years
24 Yash Gurav Boys Under 7 years
25 Yash Jain Boys Under 9 years
26 Yashaan Mogal Boys Under 7 years
27 Yuvraj Khandkar Boys Under 7 years