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K. C Reddy Swim Center

Missions and Objectives
The K.C. Reddy Swim Centre, affiliated to the Karnataka Swimming Association was founded and registered as a non-profit organisation in October 1994. The Bangalore City Corporation leased the Sadashivanagar swimming pool to the centre and in a short span of just a few years the centre has grown in strength and achievements. Founded with the main purpose of promoting the sport of swimming and to inculcate and develop values of team spirit, discipline and hard work. The centre continues to strive to provide the best sporting environment to the children that use it.
Main Objectives of the Centre
To Capacitate children with a life skill that enables them to save theirs and others lives in water if the need arises.
To provide a well equipped and professionally managed pool facility of international standard.
To use modern training and coaching techniques to develop competitive swimming to the highest level.
To promote integration and unity amongst the youth and children especially utilizing swim training as a media for communicating such values.

A Centre Pursuing Excellence
Although a fledgling centre, in a very short time the K.C. Reddy Swim Centre has achieved laurels of the highest level. By pursuing a tradition of excellence the centre and its swimmers have won many awards and honours. victories and championships of all kinds at National and International levels. Winning individual championships and team championships form part of the ever increasing achievements of the centre, that is committed to promoting its motto that
                                "POSITIVE ATTITUDES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE”.

Programme Director and Head Coach: Nihar Ameen
Nihar Ameen has over 15 years of swim coaching experience, and possesses a wide range of professional and educational skills. During his coaching career he has served as assistant national team coach and Head senior coach at the Fort Lauderdale Swim Team in Florida, USA with Team Director and Olympic Coach, Jack Nelson from 1989-1992. Coach Nihar Ameen has to his credit the experience of having assisted in coaching world ranked swimmers and Olympic Medallists from the USA and Olympians from Finland, Puerto Rico, Panama etc. To his credit also are, many National and International Champions from India. He is a member of The World Swim Coaches Association and has been awarded level four (USS) certification by The American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) based on his level of achievements in coaching. He is well armed with the needs of sports psychology, enabling him to encourage and sustain a spirit of sport and competition in the swimmers. He continuously motivates the children to attain their best and inspires them with his amiable but disciplined approach. In the season of 1996, his swimmers contributed 51 of the 60 national gold medals won in swimming for the State of Karnataka.
Age Group Coach: John Christopher
John is full of enthusiasm and assists Nihar Ameen ably in coaching the children at the swim centre. John swam competitively with the Neyvelli Lignite Corporation, and represented the Tamilnadu team for 5 years. He did his diploma in swimming coaching at NIS (National Institute for Sport). He was awarded his diploma with a first class and was the topper of his batch. He is a valuable asset to the team and is very enthusiastic in expediting his coaching duties.
Age Group Coach- A.C. Jayaraj
Jayaraj started his swimming career in 1973, joined the Indian Navy in 1974 and has 16 years of swimming experience in the services and the Nationals. He got his N.I.S diploma in 1987 and received the Chief of the Naval staff award for coaching in 1989. He has joined the K.C.R. Swim Centre in 1997 and within a few months has shown his capabilities in strengthening and supporting the age group development programme especially with the younger children. His efforts have been encouraging and well appreciated by the parents and children alike.
Assistant Coaches:
In addition there are 7 more assistant coaches who ably assist the head coach and the two age group coaches with the various levels of the programme both in coaching and life guard duties during the public batches.

Coaching Programs
The K.C. Reddy Swim Team is open to swimmers of all ages and offers programmes from learn-to-swim through to elite coaching at National and International levels. Two learn-to-swim camps are conducted every year with over thousand children participating in them. They are taught water safety and are exposed to the opportunity of joining the competitive swim team. Adults are also given coaching facilities during these camps with special sessions for women in particular.

The Coaching Programme
Children are recruited to the swim team through the learn to swim camps, between the ages of 5 to 8. Older children desirous of joining the K.C. R. Swim Team would need to have achieved State level qualified timings at the minimum. The team offers a structured programme of development . It is divided into various ability groups from level 1 to level 4, which would cater to the swimmers individual ability and commitment to the program.
Level One
Children at this level are usually between the ages of 5 and 8 and have been admitted to the competitive swim team through a talent search programme during the learn to swim camps. Work-outs are offered four days a week, for an hour a day. The primary emphasis at this level would be an introduction to a regular programme aimed at learning basic stroke mechanics and be exposed to a team environment.
Level Two
Swimmers at this level would have been promoted on their committment to the programme and the, desire to excel in the sport of competitive swimming. Workouts are offered six days a week for approximately two hours a day. The number one priority at this level is to develop the swimmers stroke technique to the highest level. Also included at this level would be an introduction to training so as to develop basic fitness and aerobic capacity.
Level Three
Swimmers at this level would have been promoted after a series of time trials. This group requires a high level of commitment to the programme as well as a desire to achieve at the highest levels of the sport. Coaching workouts are offered twice a day, six days a week. The main focus is to ensure that children excel in their training capacity, stoke mechanics, endurance and preparation for later advancements. Through intense training, the swimmers are coached to attain their fullest potential, physically and mentally.
Level Four
Swimmers at this level are selected on their achievement at national and international meets. Training at this level would require the highest level of committment to the programme and attendance requirements would be 100%. Swimmers training in this group would be directly under the head coach, Nihar Ameen

The Pool
The pool is an Olympic sized 50meter, 8 lane facility, built by the Bangalore City Corporation and was opened to the public on the 24th of March, 1976.

The K.C.Reddy Swim Centre took over the facility on the 14th October 1994 and opened the facility to the public after a number of major repairs & upgradation to the facility. The public can now enjoy swimming in the safest, most hyginic water possible due to the availability of 24 hour filteration and the water chemistry being tested on a daily basis by professionally trained pool operators.

Pool Timings
The Facility is open to the public 6 days a week, and is closed on Friday for maintanence. The timings are as follows. Admission tickets are available at the front office.

Open to all in hourly batches between
6:00 a.m. & 10:00a.m., 12:30p.m. & 3:30p.m.
Ladies batch 3:30p.m. to 4:30p.m.
The facility is opened to the KCR Swim Team from 4:30p.m. onwards

Future Vision
The Children of the K.C.R. Swim Team are encouraged to pursue the Olympic dream. The centre is committed to strive to the best of its ability to produce swimmers to compete in the Asian and Olympic championships.

The spectrum of its vision also includes developing the sport for youth from the underprivileged sections of society to integrate them into an arena that has hitherto remained a monopoly of the privileged.

The centre is committed to improving the pool facility and the infrastructure to a much greater standard.and to expand and upgrade the existing facilities. The Centre plans to build an additional 25 meter 4 lane training pool as well as a teaching pool for tiny tots. For this ambitious project a great deal of financal support is required. Philantrophists and Sport lovers are welcome to support us in our quest for excellence. All donations to the K C Reddy Swim Centre will be income tax exempt under section 80G.

Photo Album
The Karnataka Quartet, Tashina Singh, Nisha Millet, Meghana Narayan and Darshana Rajaram - National Relay Champions - All KCR

Part of the KCR Swim Team

Meghana Narayan, National 100, 200 Mtr Fly Record Holder, in action

Nisha Millet recieving the “Sports Woman of the Year” Award from the Prime Minister Mr. IK Gujral, while the Chief Minister of Karnataka looks on.

Late Shri. K.C. Reddy was the first Chief Minister of Kamataka, (erstwhile Mysore State), India. A freedom fighter, son of the soil and a man of vision, Shri. K.C. Reddy was also a Union Minister and the Govemor of Madhya Pradesh. In his lifetime he left no stone unturned to encourage the youth of the country. The K. C. Reddy Swim Centre has been dedicated to his memory, to promote swimming in the true spirit of sport and to establish principles that spread the message of harmony and unity through sport.
Shri KC Reddy with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Summer Camps
We offer two camps, for children and for adults. The details are:

1) Learn to Swim
(Beginners, age group 5 to 15 years)

2) 5-00 a.m. To 6-00 a.m.
(above 15 years Adults only)

From : 03-04-98 To 29- 04-98
Duration : 4 WEEKS

From : 01-05-98 To 27-05-98
Duration 4 WEEKS

lst BATCH 5-00 a.m. To 6-00 a.m. Above 15 Years and Adults Coaching
2nd BATCH 10-00 a m. To 11-00 a.m. Children 5-15 Years Only
3rd BATCH 11-00 a.m. To 12-00 Noon. Children 5-15 Years Only

4th BATCH : 3-30 p.m. To 4-30 p.m. Ladies Coaching and
3-30 p.m. To 4-30 p.m. Children 5-10 Years Only
5th BATCH : 4-30 p.m. To 5-30 p.m. Children 5-15 Years Only
Application form to be submitted together with
A. Two Photographs, 1 Passport size for application form
1 Stamp size for I D Card
B. Xerox Copy of the Birth Certificate
C. Payment by Pay Order / Demand Draft payable to “K.C.REDDY SWIM CENTRE - BANGALORE”
For Further Details, please feel free to Contact Us at kc_reddy@hotmail.com or fill out our standard form