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Compiled by Late Shri Sandeep Divgikar
It is so easy to be a good age group parent for your athlete. Simply remember that what the child needs is a parent. He has a coach, he has teammates, and he has buddies. What he needs from you, is to be his parent and love the dickens out of his imperfect little self !!
You can communicate and reinforce appropriate sports philosophy for your child. At various ages, different amounts of interpretation is necessary. Be sure that you and the coach are communicating and interpreting in the same way, or you will have one confused child!
Let's look at this as a child might explain some philosophy to a set of parents.
"Dear Mummy and Daddy",
"Realise that swimming is just one thing I do". I also study, spend time with my friends, my family, (my boy - or girlfriend), play another sport, and need some time to just 'goof around'. I'm not necessarily ready to be labelled "a swimmer".
"Realise that I am not perfect. I am like a rose, perfect in every stage, from bud to flower, but not the same all the time. I am in a constantly developing state. Appreciate the development (the process) … not the final product."
" "Realise that I am not my swim. I am ME. My swim is just something I did well or not-so-well. I need appreciation for me, not a swim. Some days I will swim well, but be a pain in the butt. Other days, I will swim awfully, but be a super person to be around! Which one do you want to reinforce?"
" "Realise that I am still a young one … and don't see things with the perspective that you do … and one of the things I need the most help with is seeing clearly who I am. Coach says I need work in my Self-Image.
" "Realise that I need to balance my goals. Hard enough to be a challenge, but achievable in the near future."
" "Realise that they are my goals, not yours. I can't commit myself to your goals. I can commit myself to what I want and think I can do. I do the work, so I set my own goals.
" "But most of all, Mummy and Daddy, realise that I am swimming because in some way, it is FUN FOR ME."

Your Son Or Daughter who swims.