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Compiled by Late Shri Sandeep Divgikar
Communication Do's and Don'ts between parents:
 Don't talk exclusively about your own child-athlete.
 Do boost one another's spirits during a long afternoon.
 Don't criticize other people's children.
 Do applaud everyone's good swim.
 Don't spend your time as the perpetuator of rumors.
 Do discuss what good things your club has done lately.
 Don't make it an adult party. (The meet represents a very healthy Iife style).
 Do encourage one another to work at the meet.
 Do behave as adults - you are there to support your athlete !!
Communication Do's and Don'ts (Parents - Swimmers):
   Don't talk about swimming technique (that's for the coach)
 Do be sure they are warm, fed, etc.
 Don't ever say "You didn't try."
 Do encourage them to accept responsibility for their swims.
 Don't blame performance on the coach (good or bad performance)
 Do promote the same philosophy about the meets as the coach.
 Don't offer "extra" rewards for a good performance.
 Do let them know you love them … with good or bad swims.
 Don't compare one swimmer's performance to that of another (especially brothers      and sisters).
 Do ask about the objectives of the swim.
 Don't measure by your standards.
 Do measure by the standards of your athlete.
 Don't embarrass the athlete by extravagant praise or dismay. (You'd be amazed how      difficult extravagant praise can be to live up to the next time.)
 Do be encouraging of TEAM efforts, especially relays.
 Do take note of your personal behaviour. As an adult, you set the tone.