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Compiled by Late Shri Sandeep Divgikar
Swim parents, you're beautiful when …..
You work ten hours a day at swim meets, then want to know where the team party is!
You cheer for lots of athletes who are not your own.
You drive carpools on routes that would make a cab driver dizzy.
You ask your age grouper "What did coach say?"
You say "What did you learn?" to the ten and under who just got disqualified on four consecutive swims.
You under stand that only the fastest four can be on a relay.
You "play-up" the importance of team things, like relays.
You help new swim parents gain perspective on the sport.
You offer to have the Senior team to your house for breakfast after the first A.M. workout of summer.
You organize the drive for full team uniforms.
You recognize that in swimming, that the parent's role is to comfort and applaud and the coaches' to offer constructive criticism.

You make a bigger "to-do" about Arjun's buddy's best time than about Arjun's.
You realize that no one swim is that important, and it's the whole picture that matters
You realize that the greatest thing Arjun is getting from swimming has nothing to do with anything physical
You remind your children that talent is God given. Effort is your own.
You know that there is nothing heavier to carry than 'a great potential'.
You bring the coach a cup of coffee at 5.30 A.M. workout in January!
You realize that coaches, like you, make mistakes (and feel badly about them!)
When you officiate a meet … and have to DQ your own child.
You realize that every child can be a winner. (If you know that winning is doing your best.)