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G.M.A.A.A. Age Group Aquatic Championships 2009


Club : P.M. Hindu Bath

List of individual participants for a club
(The list does not include relay teams)
Click on a name to see all his or her results
Participant Name
Age Group
1 Aditi Jhaveri Girls Group III
2 Aditya Vora Boys Group II
3 Ameya Singh Boys Group II
4 Anirudh Sakpal Boys Group III
5 Anurag Rupji Boys Group II
6 Avani Dave Girls Group I
7 Avanti Merchant Girls Group I
8 Bijal Vasant Girls Group I
9 Deval Mody Boys Group I
10 Diva Jhaveri Girls Group III
11 Heta Bhuta Girls Group I
12 Ishita Parikh Girls Group IV
13 Kairav Nanavaty Boys Group III
14 Kashish Mahajan Boys Group III
15 Maitri Agarwal Girls Group IV
16 Mihir Savla Boys Group I
17 Prachi Talajia Girls Group II
18 Prathamesh Vedpathak Boys Group II
19 Priyanka Thakkar Girls Group I
20 Raj Surve Boys Group II
21 Rajat Surve Boys Group II
22 Rushank Dunung Boys Group III
23 Sahil Vasani Boys Group I
24 Saurabh Nimkar Boys Group IV
25 Shama Nimkar Girls Group II
26 Shravan Manghani Boys Group I
27 Shruti Manghani Girls Group IV
28 Vedant Khandeparkar Boys Group IV
29 Vrushali Kadam Girls Group I
30 Yohan Samel Boys Group I