Your club has many members who use it for sport, health, recreation and social activities.
They interact among themselves and with guests, visitors, and employees. The club is a
dynamic entity - every day there are new events, achievements,announcements, tourn-
aments, and    meetings.The users of the club need to keep track of the club's activities.
Further there is a need to keep a record of these activities for reference later.
Your club can get a presence on the net to project it's uniqueness and
provide benefits to its users.Users of the club can keep track (or be up
to date) with the club's activities wherever they are The club can save
costs because information put once is accessible to the entire world.
The club can earn revenue from the web site - for example, by show-
casing its venues used for functions. The web site will be a ready
reference to the club's activities over the years events, achievements,
tournaments, and committees.
* Microdynamics offers its services for creating web sites for your club.
* We have created the web site for Otters Club (    which is practical, effective    and dynamic.
* We give you both a web site and also a system for updating it, so that    club members or employees can update the site themselves,making a    dynamic, living site a practicality.
* The club shows up as a living entity on the web site.
* The web site grows and changes in tune with the club's activities and    can updated very easily and conveniently
* It is simple to operate and anyone who can browse the web and type    can learn to update the site in one day.
* t is a one time investment which appreciates with time. There is no    rent,no dependency, and its benefits grow over the years
Your club will be able to update the following features of the web site:


The club may add as many departments (such as tennis, snooker, club
house) as desired.

The events will be specified as shown on the site home page, as current
events, or to be put in the archive. Web site visitors will be able to search
for events by date.

Announcements and notices
This section is used for putting temporary club notices on the web site.

The achievements of the club in sports and other activities will be shown.
They may be searched for by department or date.

The club may put announcements, schedules, draws and results of open
or home tournaments on the web site. This will be very useful to the
participants,officials, coaches and sports fans.

The newsletter section shows club newsletters. The club may create these
newsletters on their own. Each newsletter can contain sub-items, graphics
and quick links for easy access.

This section contains the composition of the various club committees over
the years.

Club Rules
The rules of the club departments may be put in this section.

This section can contain articles of interest to members and others.

Club History
The club history can be displayed in this section. The history can be divided
into as many pages as required.


This section will store archives of events, achievements, newsletter and

Enquiry forms
Visitors to the web site may send enquiries to the club via these online
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